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Los hinchas del fútbol ya viven con furor el Qatar World Cup 2022. Muchos de ellos están pendientes de lo que pasa con las diferentes selecciones en el mundo, sobre todo con las que sono candidatas a levarse la Cup of the World, like Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, among others. That’s why we’ll tell you how you can see the mundial LIVE and DIRECT from your cell phone, TV or any mobile application, in reliable and secure signals, so that you won’t find any details of what the broadcast of this super sports event will be como las que offeren TyC SportsDIRECTV, Star Plus, among others.

I don’t forget this football fiesta starts the next 20 November and ends the 18 December 2022. In this edition, if you hope that France can break with the curse of the last champion and can advance the stage of groups and thus peel the title. Además, con Messi and the Argentine selection have great expectations for what the current champion of America can do with the hand of Lionel Scaloni.

What TV channels have the transmission of the Mundial of Qatar?

Para enjoy el Mundial from beginning to end, you need to know that not all channels on the planet are authorized for Broadcast live the 64 matches of the Copa Mundial. To continue we teach you, according to the country in which you are located and where you see the TV signals:

  • Peru | Latin Television and Directv Sports.
  • Argentina | TyC Sports, DirecTV Sports, Televisión Pública (Transmisión las 24 horas del día by Star Plus (ESPN).
  • Ecuador | Teleamazonas, DirecTV Sports, ECDF.
  • Mexico | Televisa Univision, TUDN, TV Azteca, Vix, Sky Sports.
  • Columbia | Caracol, Canal RCN, DirecTV Sports.
  • Uruguay | Canal 4, Canal 10, Teledoce, DirecTV Sports, ANTEL, Dexary, TyC Sports
  • Brazil | Globe TV
  • Estados Unidos | Fox, FS1, Telemundo
  • Chile | Canal 13, Chilevision, DirecTV Sports

When does the Mundial Qatar group stage start?

The Qatar Mundial will start this Sunday 20 November, with the first match of the Copa Mundial between Ecuador vs Qatar. Next the group phase will continue until December 2, playing 4 meetings per day. We leave you the hours by country so that you can follow each of them:

  • Si estás en Peru the newspaper will start from 5:00 in the morning until 2 pm
  • Si estás en Argentina the day will start from 7:00 in the morning until 4 pm
  • Si estás en Ecuador the newspaper will start from 5:00 in the morning until 2 pm
  • Si estás en Mexico the day will start from 4:00 in the morning until 1 pm
  • If you are in Chile, the day starts from 6 in the morning until 3 pm
  • If you are in Colombia, the day starts from 5:00 until 2 pm

Hours and how to see the matches of the Mundial by TV in different countries

¿Dónde ver el Mundial 2022 de Qatar en el Peru?

As you anticipated, in Peru the only official middlemen authorized to see the Qatar 2022 Mundial are Latin TV y Directv Sports. The broadcasts of the Copa del Mundo will start from 5 in the morning, approximately.

Where in Argentina can I see the Mundial en vivo?

TyC Sports, DirecTV Sports y Public television are the TV signals in which the matches of the Mundial 2022 and the Selection Argentina de Messi.

How to see the matches of the Mundial 2022 in Ecuador?

Teleamazonas, DirecTV Sports y El Canal del Fútbol (ECDF) are the TV channels authorized for the transmission of the Copa Mundial.

Where is Mexico how and where can I see the Mundial en vivo?

Television Univision, TUDN, Aztec TV, Vix y Sky Sportsthe official TV signals for the live broadcast of the matches of the Mundial Qatar 2022 are just now.

Qué otros canales de TV pueden pasar los partidos del Mundial 2022

  1. Albania: RTSH
  2. Germany: ARD, ZDF and Deutsche TElekom
  3. Argentina: TyC Sports, Televisión Pública (32 matches and everyone playing the Argentine selection) and DirecTV Sports
  4. Australia: SBS, FOX Sports, SEN
  5. Austria: ORF, ServusTV
  6. Azerbaijan: ITV
  7. Belgium: VRT, RTBF
  8. Belarus: BTRC (Beltelradio)
  9. Bolivia: ENTEL, Tigo Sports, Unitel, Red Uno and Bolivia TV
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT
  11. Brasil: TV Globo, SportTV
  12. Brunei: Kristal-Astro
  13. Bulgaria: BNT, NOVA
  14. Camboya: TVK
  15. Canada: CTV, TSN
  16. Caribbean: SportsMax
  17. Chile: DirecTV Sports Chile, Chilevision and Canal 13
  18. China: CCTV, Migu
  19. Chipre: CyBC
  20. Colombia: DirecTV Sports:, Caracol, RCN
  21. South Korea: KBS, MBC, SBS
  22. Costa Rica: Teletics
  23. Croatia: HRT
  24. Curaçao: TV Direct 13
  25. Denmark: DR, TV 2
  26. Ecuador: DirecTV Sports, Teleamazonas, ECDF
  27. El Salvador: Tigo Sports, TCS
  28. Slovakia: RTVS
  29. Spain: Movistar Plus+, RTVE
  30. Estados Unidos: Fox Sports, Telemundo (in español)
  31. Estonia: ERR
  32. Filipinas: TAP DMV
  33. Finland: Yleisradio, MTV3
  34. France: TF1, Bein Sports
  35. Greece: ANT1
  36. Guatemala: Tigo Sports, TV Azteca Guate
  37. Honduras: Tigo Sports, Televicentro
  38. Hungary: MTVA
  39. Indonesia: Klikdaily, Emtek
  40. Ireland: RTÉ
  41. Iceland: RÚV
  42. Islas Caiman: Logic
  43. Israel: KAN
  44. Italy: RAI
  45. Japan: Dentsu Inc.
  46. Kazajstan: KZTV
  47. Kosovo: RTK
  48. Latvia: LTV
  49. Liechtenstein: SRG SSR
  50. Lithuania: LRT
  51. Macau: TDM
  52. North Macedonia: MRT
  53. Malta: PBS
  54. Mexico: Sky Sports, TUDN, TV Azteca
  55. Moldova: TRM
  56. Montenegro: RTCG
  57. Norway: NRK y TV 2 Direkte
  58. New Zealand: Sky Television
  59. Países Bajos: NPO
  60. Pakistan: A Sports, Ary ZAP
  61. Panama: TVN, PRC, TVMax, Rangefinder and COS
  62. Paraguay: Tigo Sports, Telefuturo, SNT and Trece
  63. Peru: DirecTV Sports, Latina Televisión
  64. Poland: TVP
  65. Portugal: RTP
  66. Reino Unido: BBC, ITV
  67. Czech Republic: ČT
  68. Dominican Republic: CDN 37, CDN Deportes
  69. Romania: TVR
  70. Russia: Piervy Kanal, Match TV, VGTRK
  71. Serbia: RTS
  72. Sweden: SVT, TV4
  73. Switzerland: SRG SSR
  74. Suriname: SCCN, STVS
  75. Taiwan: ELTA
  76. Trinidad and Tobago: CNC3
  77. Turkey: TRT
  78. Ukraine: Suspilne
  79. Uruguay: DirecTV Sports, Canal 4, Canal 10, Teledoce, Antel, Dexary and TyC Sports
  80. Uzbekistan: MTRK
  81. Venezuela: DirecTV Sports, Televen, IVC
  82. Cathar:BeIN Sports

How to watch the streaming and link for the players of the Mundial Qatar 2022?

Thank you to the streaming services, from any part of the world and only with a mobile device and access to the Internet, one can watch a series or film. Now, not only do we have a few hands of large footage, also soccer matches, so many specialized television cadenas in sports have been forced to reverse in their own streaming channels.

For example, ViX de Televisa-Univision will broadcast for free 30 matches from the mundial. On the other hand, Vix Plus will also share parties from the world cup and will tend to 10 exclusively if you buy the monthly service.

But Vix is ​​not the only one. Los partidos de la selecciona mexicana también se podrán ver a través de SKY. This streaming service will share 24 matches of Qatar 2022 and may be seen when you download the Blue To Go app. (Here more information)

If you’re in Argentina, an option to see the party is through the National Public Televisión. Además, podrás verla través de su página web. But if you are a fan of Leonel Messi and you don’t want to lose his parties to him or simply want to support the Latin American hermanos. You may access these parties through different streaming services.

The Argentina selection is one of the favorites of this world cup. Your parties may be seen OnDemand via DirecTV Go, TyC Sports Play, Flow or Telecentro Play. Also, fortunately, see it by means of a streaming permit that there is no demoration that can generate a bad experience. (Here more information)

The Mediapro company created the Gol Mundial digital and mobile platform to share the 64 parties of the international selections, but only 44 games and all the encuentros of the Spanish selection will be able to be exclusively for those who pay this service.

Spanish players will be able to tune in to the three matches of the Spanish selection via the Movistar Plus+, LaLigaSportTV and LaLiga TV Bar signals, as long as they pay the Gol Mundial membership. (Here more information).


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