A study analyzes the rise of misogynistic discourses on the internet and the social networks

El machismo coge fuerza en internet y las redes sociales: from Youtube hasta Twitch, passing by webs as ‘forocoches’, they have converted into the scenario of discursos antifeministas, misóginos y negacionistas of the gender violence who accumulate thousands of followers and present the man as the true victim in actual society.

Es la “manosfera” (del inglés “manosphere”), a conglomerado de espacios virtuales que dan cabida a multitud de movements based on the propagation of misogynistic and anti-feminist discursos and that now for the first time in Spain the professors Elisa García-Mingo and Silvia Díaz have investigated.

Ones discursos that are not new, but they do seem to consolidate and gain followers among the most young people, as they demonstrate in the study of the Centro Reina Sofía on Adolescence and Juventud de la Fundación Fad, “Jóvenes en la manosfera. Influence of digital misogyny in the perception held by young men of the sexual violence“.

As an example, the controversy raised by Joaquín Domínguez, more known as “Elxokas”, content creator in Spanish with more active subscribers on Twitch, more than 46,000, counting on their channel “trucazos” de sus amigos para ligar con chicas que estaban “colocadas”.

“It is a trivialization of the violation that the culture of consent is spreading to the earth”, complains García-Mingo in an interview with the Agencia EFE on the grounds of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, in which she alerts the cantidad of children between 10 and 13 years that have been exposed to this “toxicity” and misogyny.

Discursos machistas que se cuelan en el ocio de los más vóvenes

Y es que el acceso aste tipo de discursos es tremendously sencillo para los más jóvenes, ya que they permeate the conversations and chats of some of the youtubers and the most famous ‘gamers’.

“Ye mientras el feminismo es filosófico, grave, aburrido, dense… the manosphere is troll, amusing, irreverent and fresh”laments this investigator and professor of Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid, who recognizes the difficulty of competing with this type of discursos without frivolizing about anything as serious as the macho violence.

We need that Ibai Llanos se hiciera de nuestro equipo”comment medium in serious, medium in broma.

Youtubers who give advice for the minors to argue with their fathers reasons for not taking care of the equal characters in the institutesupuestos ‘contratos’ para ten relaciones sexuales o bromas sobre “pasar una noche en el calabozo” que surgen como reacción a leyes como la del only yes and yes and at the advance of the feminist movement.

“Los chavales jóvenes se sienten muy cancelados y acuden a internet searching for replies. Qué es la ley trans, que es el consentemiento … y acaban entrando en espacios where they encuentran consuelo y conectan con estas ideas “, he points out.

Porque la manosfera “da respuestas muy fáciles” y it takes them to normalize the feeling of anger, frustration and emphasis despite what they call “restoring masculine authority”, explains Silvia Díaz, who recognizes that connecting with these groups is very sencillo because they don’t oblige them to ask, until they reafirm them.

Terms like ‘feminazis’, ‘planchabragas’, ‘chiringuito feminista’ are also known in WhatsApp or Telegram groups and also on webs as familiar as ‘Forocoches’, a community that accounts for 900,000 million cases and in which insults are frequent which send “to cheat” to women, to whom they refer as “todas putas”.

And, without embargo, ‘Forocoches’ is not the one who most worries these two detectives. “There is no argument in the political dimension”points out Díaz, who recognizes much more inquieta por los grupos de hombres separados to those who have withdrawn the custody of their children, who have organized and are linked with political parties.

Movimientos organizados y con vínculos políticos

“Esos sí que son mucho más serious porque they have political capacity, if they organize, many of them are abogados and create a great cantidad of misogynistic content”, explains García-Mingo. Van contra las políticas de igualdad, they present superfluous scientific studies, informes on false denunciations and propagan the idea that violence does not hold genero.

And, together with them, multitud de mujeres que aseguran que ya se ha alcanzado la egualdad, que el feminismo no les representa y que mueven lemas como “el patriarchado me oprime bien rico” and uses as an argument a los hombres para reafirmarse en sus posturas.

In the case of women, these are the investigators yes observe vínculos con la extrema derecha -algo que no está tan claro en el caso de los hombres-.

The climate of crisis, of polarization, the irruption of hate speeches, combined with the appearance of conspiracy thinking that is worth so much to deny the climate change, the vacuums like gender violence, sirve de contexto para que la manosfera arraigue en la sociedad y siga creciendoalert ambas investigadoras that propose, among other things, the formation en igualdad segregada in colegios e institutos.

“Ellos se sienten muy cancelados por las chicas”, who keep more information about the same, in a way that they prefer not to actively participate in the courses. They also propose the presence of various referents in the institutes that the chavales can look after in confidence to plant their doubts.

Ultimately, improve the effective education of men and women that they are capable of rebating this type of machista mensajes.


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