Acciona despliega technology for work, energy and sustainable mobility

In Torrejón de Ardoz, one of the leading business innovation centers in Spain is located. And space where 30 professionals work to develop applications of disruptive technologies -artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, 3D printing and immersive technologies-, in sectors such as construction, sustainable mobility and energy. Este centro es el Taller de innovación del Digital Hub de Acciona, and the center was named by the company as «Maker-space» in honor of the «maker» movement of people who adapted the philosophy of «Do it yourself» to the field of technology. “We have professionals of all ages and backgrounds: from engineers to graduates in Fine Arts, pasando por doctors in physics, mathematicians, FPs in development of applications mutiplataforma, grade superior in Automation and Industrial Robotics and even graduates in design and development of video games” , explains Jorge Artieda, Digital Technology Manager.


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