According to the executive of Huawei, the 5G technology will drive an unprecedented transformation process in Bolivia

The early implementation of 5G technology in Bolivia will open the door to what will be an unprecedented transformation process in the country, which will revolutionize practically all aspects of national life, starting with interpersonal communications. The economy, education, productivity, health and business – to name a few – will benefit from this new generation of internet networks, whose main characteristics are low latency, high navigation speed and the possibility of numerous devices connected to simultaneous

At the moment, more than 70 countries in the world have implemented 5G technology on a massive scale, many of which have been done with the collaboration of the company Huawei Technologies, which has accumulated a vast experience in this process. Jorge Mondaca, the business development manager of this company in Bolivia, has explained that the arrival of this technology in the country will be a real hit in the field of connectivity and will be marked “un antes y un después” in national telecommunications.

“The development of 5G in Bolivia is not only related to a technological evolution, but it will also allow new solutions to boost the productivity and competitiveness of the country’s industries, through the optimization of industrial processes. Even more important, this technology will make it possible to connect to the population, not only through mobile devices, but also to peri-urban and rural homes that today do not have access to the Internet with the speeds and latency that only 5G can offer, contribuendo de esta forma a reducir la brecha digital en el país”, dijo el ejecutivo.

The 5G technology is at least 20 times faster than its predecessor, the 4G (also known as LTE), but it also has other associated benefits, such as its lowest latency, which is the speed of response to an action, as well as the possibility of connecting a una gran candidad de dispositivos de forma simultaneous en un mismo punto.

In the case of a video, the 5G generation is the one that allows downloading in Ultra HD or 3D models with a speed so fast that it would practically be imperceptible for the user; pero, además, la diminución de la la tenencia permite adelantar o retrasar el video en questión de milisegundos o pasar al siguiente video sin espera por parte del usuario.

As in the rest of the countries of the world in which it has already been installed, the 5G technology will have a wide range of uses in Bolivia and will also open up the possibility of advancing the creation of intelligent cities, with the arrangement of their in urban processes, such as transportation, it opens up the possibility of automating processes and services, at the same time that it generates opportunities to improve economic activities such as agriculture and mining, and even fosters the generation of digital industrial ecosystems.

“One of the applications of 5G in the industry can be related to mining because it helps to reduce security risks, prevent and predict maintenance, increase production, reduce costs, improve performance and care for the environment. In fact, this new generation of connection networks makes it possible to remotely control different processes. Other practical applications for the country are related, for example, to telemedicine, allowing mammography exams to be carried out and others of medium complexity in areas where this type of infrastructure is held and through 5G, the exams are sent for partial review de un specialista, con imágenes de alta calidad de manera infrafilados, en cuistão de minutos”, explained Mondaca.

The 5G technology, which has reached more than 200 million users in the world, will mean a significant increase in the speed of internet communications, and a considerable increase in the flow of information transfer, as well as a noticeable improvement in the matter of cobertura, ya que tiene el potencial para llegar asta los rincones más alejados de la geografía national y dará la posibilidad de que miliones de dispositivos estén conectados a la vez sin que se se satura el sistema.


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