Arranca en Cartagena el congreso ATPYC 2022 de tecnologia portuaria

The VIII National Congress of the Technical Association of Ports and Coasts (ATPYC), which is celebrated between the 26th and the 28th of October, brings together around 200 professionals and experts from the sector in Cartagena. Allí se analizan los aspectso y retos a los que mordene enfrentarse las infraestratus portuarias in los próximos años para increasador su competitividad, pero también para crear una operativa de trabajo más efficient y sostenible con el medio ambiente.

Assistants at the VIII National Congress of the Technical Association of Ports and Costas
The VIII National Congress of the Technical Association of Ports and Coasts gathers more than 200 professionals.

Under the motto “Innovation and New Technologies”, it is one of the most significant meetings in the field of innovation in engineering, consulting and construction of port and coastal works that are celebrated in Spain. Organized by the ATPYC, the Port of Cartagena and Ports of the State, the ultimate goal is to analyze and configure the next challenges facing Spanish ports to gain competitiveness, but also to create a much more efficient work environment y respetuosa con el medio ambiente.

During the inaugural session, the president of the APC and its director general, Yolanda Muñoz y Fermín Rol, were accompanied by the president of the Asociación Técnica de Puertos y Costas y director de Planificación y Desarrollo de Puertos del Estado, Manuel Arana, and la directora Corporativa de Puertos del Estado, Pilar Parra.

Synergies and opportunities

In his intervention, Muñoz has qualified this conference as “an opportunity to share knowledge and take advantage of synergies that allow us to evolve towards the creation of increasingly innovative and sustainable ports.” We must be aware that the new technologies will end up transforming the port infrastructures and that the digitalization of the maritime industry will end up converting into a reality for which we must be prepared”.

Manuel Arana, for his part, congratulated for the success of the convocation after the obligatory parón due to the pandemic and thanked the Port Authority of Cartagena for its involvement in the organization of this congress because it will allow us to strengthen even more the competitiveness del sistema portoario español.

The program is structured in 6 sessions and with a total of 29 presentations of great interest and centered on artificial intelligence, on the architecture of environmental platforms, the implementation of BIM methodology, actions of modernization, diques de abrigo flotantes, the Green Ports , así como, en la automatización de procesos. The program of acts also includes the presentation of awards to the Professional Career during the 2020-2022 editions and the technical visit to the port of Cartagena.

The president of the port of Cartagena has taken advantage of the celebration of this congress to highlight Barlomar “as an example of innovation and sustainability” and also “as a pioneer project in the field of technology and engineering, mainly because of its automated and eco-efficient facilities “.

The new LNG terminal and the bet that the port continues to realize together with the Cartagena City Council to establish ties of connection with the city and with the well-being of people have also been highlighted by the president during his inaugural intervention dedicating a special mention to the work que realiza el equipo de profesionales del Puerto ya que “sin ellos todo esto no sería posible”.

During the different days that will be developed until next Friday, the technical experience of some Spanish ports, such as Valencia, Sevilla, A Coruña, Huelva, Algeciras, the Balearic Islands, as well as the Port of Cartagena, will also be exposed. In the case of the APC, the director, Fermín Rol, shared with those present the evolution of the Port of Cartagena until becoming a referent in the Mediterranean. For his part, the head of the Infrastructure area, Pedro Arenas, will talk about the integration in Visor Web of the new asset management system based on the digital twin (BIM/GIS).

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