Así aplican los retailers la intelligencia artificial. Revista infoRETAIL.

infoRETAIL.- The artificial intelligence is profiled as the great ally of the supermarkets at the time of looking for qualified personnel to cover the demand for jobs of various kinds, which has disappeared at the doors of the Christmas campaign, in which the rotation of productos, y la afluencia de clientes, se multiplica.

“There is a great shortage of specific talent for sections such as butchery and fishing, the majority of candidates who request employment in this type of business are young people who are looking to earn some money on a regular basis in specific seasons such as summer or Christmas.” reconece el CCO de hr bot factory, Jon Gonzalo.

Estonia startup ya digitaliza y automatiza los procesos de captación de talento en compañías de retail alimentario como BM Supermercados (Uvesco), Grupo DIA o Makro applying artificial intelligence and virtual assistants to improve the efficiency and speed of the personnel selection process.

The artificial intelligence employs algorithms adapted to evaluate the candidates based on their experience and qualification while valuing their abilities, competences, expectations and motivations for the job they opt for

These companies receive thousands of applications daily, mainly for working in the positions of cashiers, warehouse workers, butchers, fishmongers, reponedores and vendors, which need to be screened taking into account the particularities of distribution companies in terms of recruiting talent.

This technology evaluates the candidates through algorithms adapted to their experience and qualification and, at the same time, evaluates their skills, competences, expectations and motivations, taking into account the requirements demanded for each specific position.

With it, the candidates can also interact through a bot from their mobile phone, as if they were dealing with a WhatsApp conversation, they can submit their curriculum vitae and their professional career data, as well as raise questions about their position. que desean acceder y permaner informados del estado de su candidación.

“The RRHH specialists of each company can filter according to the specific qualifications and techniques they need, creating candidate files with concrete characteristics, so that when they need employees with these particularities, they can directly access this filter and achieve que se haga un proceso de selección más rápido y directo”, explained the CEO of hr bot factory, Antonio Corral.

Principal requirements
The company, which has evaluated more than 235,000 candidates who opted for a job in a supermarket, assures that an indispensable requirement for working in these countries is to have a secondary education equivalent (ESO) equivalent. Although the experience alone is necessary in high-level positions, it also results in a very valuable factor for the rest of the cargo.

Los aspirantes also must have the availability to work in rotating shifts, “porque en los supermercados, salvo algunas excepciones como en contratos para coverr horas, se trabaja una semana en turno de mañana y otra de tarde”. Likewise, deben estar despisto a trabajar los sábados y, en algunos casos, domingos y festivos, según especifan desde hr bot factory.

Otras habilidades muy bien valoradas por las empresas de alimentación son la amabilidad, la simpatía y la empatía, necesarias para tratar con los clientes de forma diaria.

In the same way, there are titulaciones muy cotizadas en el sector como el carnet de carretillero o el de manipulator de alimentos o nociones de informatics para ciertos puestos, como el de cajero, donde se manejan cuentas con ordenadores.

En cuanto al salario, según hr bot factory, el salario medio de los puestos que suelen ofertarse en los supermercados oscila entre los 14,000 y 16,000 euros, aunque varía función del cargo concreto, la experiencia del trabajador, las tareas que desempeñe o de si cuenta con un equipo a su cargo.


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