Barcelona connects all the taxi fleet with a single mobile click

Otear la calzada en busca de taxis con la luz verde y levantar la mano por la calle para parar un vehículo libre will be increasingly less frequent in Barcelona and other 35 municipalities in its metropolitan area as of this Wednesday. Ya no será necesario para cualquier persona con un teléfono móvil, en el que tierra su alcance toda la flota, compuesta por 10,500 coches negros y amarillosa un solo clic.

It’s about the new service Picmi Taxi, driven by the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB) and an international pioneer in a large city. This new functionality is included in the application AMB Mobilitat, which allows, for example, to visualize the closest taxi stops, or to know what it will take to get the bus to a concrete stop, among others. Y la principal consequencia de Picmi Taxi es la possibility de conseguir un taxi casi de immediato y de manera muy sencilla gracias a la geolocalización.

The technical base of the system is not new, or it is the same as the one used by platforms of transport vehicles with drivers (VTC) such as Uber and Cabify, or private taxi radio transmitter apps, but the difference is that the number of vehicles has disposition es la flota completa de taxis de la ciudad: unos 8,000 activos entre semana y unos 5,000 en fin de semana, según fuentes del sector.

So, when a person needs a taxi and enters Picmi Taxi, he receives as a response the nearest vehicle and the one that will take the longest to arrive, and he only presses the button if he wants to accept or reject it. On request, you can also indicate if you need a large or adapted vehicle.

Para que el cliente pueda identificar el vehículo que efectará su servicía, se le comunicará el model, matrícula y número de license. When the vehicle has arrived at the pick-up point, the client will receive an alert on their mobile phone.

La functionalitya no ha nacido exempt de pélémica, ya que la Autoridad Catalana de la Competencia (Acco) advirtió de que podía ser un freno a la libre compétencia. Para evitarlo, Picmi Taxi it is limited to immediate requests, so it is not possible to book in advance, and it is also not possible to pay the trip with the mobile from the own application. In addition, if there are no taxis nearby at the moment of the request, the user will be redirected to the apps and private radio stations registered in the Instituto Metropolitano del Taxi (IMET) and operating in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

La digitalización de las petitions que habitualmente se realización a mano alzada no es baladí, ya que son el tipo de servicio más frecuente, y supondrá un grand avance practicó, ya que approximately half of metropolitan taxis are not currently adheridos a ninguna radioemisora ​​o app.

Menos pollution

The system does not only shorten the waiting times, but also brings environmental benefits, or pursues to reduce the number of empty taxis in search of passengers, a case that is very common, with the consequence of avoidable contaminant emissions. There are also figures about it: according to data from the CBA, los taxis metropolitanos efectúna unos 660 million de kilometers per año, y casi half de ellos se realiza en vacío.

Para combatirlo, se está ampliando la network de paradas de taxis, y los vehicules que estén estacionados seran los primos en recibir la notification de que existe una petition Picmi a su alrededor y têarn priority a la hora de la assignment. In fact, Picmi Taxi itself will indicate in real time how many vehicles there are at each stop and how long it takes to get there on foot.

In summer, the City Council of Barcelona initiated the progressive deployment of 191 micro-parks of taxis (con between two and four squares) distributed by all districts, with the will to finalize them by the end of the year, reaching for the first time in some neighborhoods and adding to las 273 paradas de taxi ya existentes en la ciudad.

Claim sectorial

Picmi Taxi is also an initiative widely demanded by taxi drivers, who have been fighting since 2016 to have a public digital system that competes with the proliferation of VTC. Now that the law has hardened the conditions for these private platforms to offer urban services, the taxi drivers and Picmi Taxi can fill the void.

In the trial version, Picmi Taxi offers the possibility to know the approximate price of the route that the user is planning to take, through the IMET price calculator. entredicho. The association Elite Taxi has proposed to eliminate the closed price tariff if there are no unifying criteria, because the import varies according to the configuration of the browser that is used, and it is also used by taxi drivers who perform bad practices and charge abusive prices to tourists.

In any case, the app AMB Mobilitat, which in the last years has evolved to integrate all metropolitan public transport services and Bicing, and which will now add to the taxi demand service, has more than 175,000 active users, and también se creará un widget to have direct access to Picmi Taxi from the mobile screen.

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