Capitanich handed out notebooks to young people: “Vamos a trabajar para que 300 mil estudiantes tengan su computadora”

The governor Jorge Capitanich gave this Wednesday 59 laptops to students and young professionals from different locations and disciplines, as part of the “More Digital Inclusion” program, financed by a joint effort between the Ministerio de Planificación, Economía e Infraestructura y Fiduciaria del Norte .

Highlighting the dynamism of the program that finances computers in quotas or tasa cero, Capitanich ratified the government’s commitment to “reduce the bet, to get to 10 million computers, notoriously expanding the cup so that all can access better connectivity conditions”.

The mandate also reviewed the efforts and the great investment in technological infrastructure that the provincial government is carrying out in the whole province to improve connectivity. In that line, he also recalled the recent presentation of the Five-Year Plan 2023-2027, “en el que vamos a trabajar una goal para llegar a 300 mil estudiantes en toda la province para que cada alumno tenga su computadora a los efectos de lograr la universalización”, he assured .

The delivery took place in the Obligatory Hall of the House of Government and was attended by the Minister of Planning, Economy and Infrastructure, Santiago Pérez Pons, the president of Fiduciaria del Norte SA, Fernando Ventureira and the Minister of Social Development, Pia Chiacchio Cavana . On this occasion, the recipients were from Gran Resistencia, Barranqueras, Colonias Unidas, Fontana, General Pinedo, Castelli, Pampa del Indio, Puerto Tirol and Puerto Vilelas, and in the next few days the delivery will be replicated in Sáenz Peña and Villa Ángela .

The Minister of Planning, Economy and Infrastructure, Santiago Pérez Pons highlighted that with this delivery a total of 510 computers were delivered, “strengthening 90% of our students from the careers of architecture, engineering, economics and law, and countless future professionals que hoy tienen la possibility de contar c una herramienta”.

At the same time, Pérez Pons remarked: “The program is focused on the young people of our province, those university students who are completing their careers and those professionals who have just graduated, who have started their professional life and need a computer for work. “.

In addition, he added: “Es un subsidio muy importante que llevamos adelante desde el estado provincial. Más Inclusión Digital permisso que puedan llevarse su computadora a tasa fija. Through the program, hoy ya más de estudiantes tienen su computadora”, pointed out the titular de la cartera económica.


“Más Inclusión Digital” has the objective of helping young people between 18 and 35 years old to purchase a notebook financed through the provincial government, generating equality of opportunities and access to technology for more girls and boys to guarantee their growth, training y desarrollo tanto académico como laboral.

It is a public policy that offers unbanked loans at zero interest rates for the acquisition of a portable computer with Intel Core i7 processor in 12, 18 and 24 quotas to professionals and students of every level of university and non-university.

As a testimony of the scope of the program, Alba, a student of Odontología de la UNNE and beneficiary of “Más Inclusión Digital” expressed: “I am a student of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, where we continue with virtual classes, so I am grateful because now I have a computadora para hacer mis trabajos y poder estudiar”. “Me parece bien que todos tengan acceso a una computadora y que no sea tan difficile comprarla. Esta es una grand posibilidad”, he added.

In the previous two editions, computers were given to students from more than 35 localities who had the possibility to continue and enhance their academic and labor activities, in disciplines such as Engineering, Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, Professors, Graphic Design, Economic Sciences, and Abogacía, entre otras.

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