¿Cómo convertir su celular Android en un mouse de computadora?

In the last few years, mobile devices have become indispensable for people who can be connected to those closest to them, as well as doing different daily tasks, paying bills and making purchases.

However, smart phones can also perform other activities other than those previously mentioned, como, por ejemplo, una camera de vigilance, micrófono espía, entre muchos otros.

Now, there is a method to turn the cell phone with the Android operating system into a mouse or mouse for the computer, laptop and even the tablet. En ese order de ideas, es importante tener el dispositivo móvil chargedo el 100 por cento de la batería, due to the fact that it will be on for a long time.

Likewise, the telephone must not necessarily be old; sin embargo, se recommenda que sea de esa forma para evitar que se Interrupt las lamadas, mensajes, notificaciones de mensajes de texto o redes sociales.

Así puede convertir su celular Android en un mouse de computadora

  • Ingresar a los ‘Ajustes’ del dispositivo.
  • Press the ‘Pantalla’ option and then select ‘Tiempo de espera’.
  • Also, choose the option 30 minutes.
  • The next step is to verify that the device is connected to the same WiFi network as the PC.
  • Tiempo después, abrir Play Store y descargar la application ‘Remote Mouse’.
  • Install the same application on your computer, tablet or laptop.
  • Acto seguido, synchronizar both applications via a QR code or a PIN digit.
  • Finally, a green screen will appear and scroll through any place on the computer.

How to block and unlock your cell phone with voice commands?

Cell phones with an Android operating system use different locking and unlocking systems, such as a password or password, to protect personal, banking and labor information.

However, there is also an option to unlock the cell phone through voice commands. It should be mentioned that users can also perform many objects with their voice, such as turning off the house lights or searching the television.

En ese order de ideas, para poder debloquear el smartphone con la voce se debe al ‘Asistente Google’. Sin embargo, se debe renunciar a la seguridad del celular, es decir, que se debe deactivar todos los debloqueos de mechanisms.

This is how you can unlock your mobile device with your voice

En total son tres procesos. First, activate the ‘Google Assistant’ from the cell phone settings. El segundo, the installation of a ‘Launcher’. El tercero, la creación de una routine para el unbloqueo de la voz.

Descargar un ‘Launcher’

Un ‘Launcher’ is an application that allows you to customize the phone’s main interface or access a specific function such as unlocking by voice command. The only thing that needs to be done is to accept all the permissions that apply to the application.

Activar el ‘Asistente de Google’

  • Open the Google application.
  • Select the profile photo icon.
  • Click on ‘Configuration’, then ‘Google Assistant’ and select ‘Ok Google’.
  • Finally, activate that option.

Voice unlock routine

  • Open the Google application.
  • Select the profile photo icon.
  • Dar clic en ‘Configuración’ y acto seguido pressionar ‘Asistente de Google’.
  • Press ‘Conversación continua’ and activate the option ‘El micróna de tu dispositivo volverá activarse’.
  • Go back to ‘Configuration’ and narrowly click on ‘Routine’.
  • Click on the option ‘When you say Google assistant’.
  • En recuadro ‘Ok Google’, escribir ‘Desbloquea el móvil’.
  • Finally, you can unblock your cell phone by saying “Ok Google, unblock mobile”.

Por otra parte, es muy común que las personas olviden la contraseña o clave que se designó para unblockar el dispositivo. Sin embargo, there is a method to unlock the cell phone when this problem is present and it is done in the following way:

  • Ingresar al buscador de preference en la web.
  • Sign in with the Google account linked to the device.
  • Locate the section ‘Encontrar mi dispositivo’ and narrow click.
  • Next, select the phone you want to unlock.
  • Click on the ‘Block device’ option.
  • Finally, you must establish a new password.

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