¿Cómo customize los tonos de llamada del dispositivo móvil? so puede conseguirlo

The mobile devices have become indispensable for people in the last time, due to the fact that with them you can be connected to the closest people, through calls, messages, as well as realizing different daily tasks, how to work, pagar cuentas y realizar compras.

In this order of ideas, many people try to personalize notifications and calls with the different tones that the cell phones offer. However, many people prefer to use a more original sound, with the purpose of differentiating the device from othersrazón por la cual varios descargan aplicaciones para tener una variety más amplia.

Ahora bien, existe una página web en donde se puede encontrar thousands of ringtones y con la particularidad que todos son completamente gratis, se trata de Freesound.

The platform is basically an online library of free sounds. In addition, you can find fragments of audio, recordings, samples among other audio formats.

Asi puede customizer los tonos de llamada del dispositivo mobile

  • Register on the web page.
  • Select the preferred ringtone number.
  • Consult tiempo de duración, peso y puntuación dada por los usuarios.
  • Next, download the selected tone.
  • Finally, go to ‘Settings’ and change the call tone.

Finally, the user can create their own ringtones and notifications in order to have more personal and original sounds.

How to transcribe audios with Google’s new tool?

Today, voice audios are a very useful resource for people to communicate a message or transmit precise information without needing to write a document, for example the popular WhatsApp voice notes. Sin embargo, en ciertos momentos el tener que trancribir un audio se convertivo en una tarea tediosa que consumes valuable time, en especial cuando se trata de un archivo que posses varios minutos de duration.

However, Google has a free tool que puede ser de gran utilitas para facilitar la tarea de la transcripción de un extenso audio.

Try it Pinpointa platform for free access that was mainly developed for students and journalists, which offers a series of tools for the administration of different types of files and documents, including audio.

To access this platform, users only need to type the word ‘Pinpoint’ in the Google search engine and access to the tool’s website will immediately appear on the screen, and later, you will have to register in the service and immediately the user will have access to the different options offered by this platform.

It should be noted that the service has an interface quite similar to Google Drive, and it is also associated with other Google services. Therefore, the user will have access to other tools such as electronic mail, online documents, calendar and video calls via Meet in the same place.

It should be highlighted that despite the fact that the service is currently in English, Google can perfectly transcribe audios that are in Spanish. de hecho, he is currently working on updating his platform to other languages.

Una vez realizado el registro, es necesario crear una colection, ya que en dicho partado will guardarán los documents, audios o videos que el usuario empleará para sus projects.

After generating the collection, the user only has to select the option ‘add documents’ and then he will have to choose the audio that needs to be transcribed through the platform. It is recommendable to load the audio in MP3 format, so that the process is more agile.

After a couple of minutes, Pinpoint will generate a transcription of the audio in a text that will be in PDF format. Pese a que esta tool trabaja con una relativa rapide, es importante tener presente que la transcription podrá tener errores en materia de puntuación y coherencia con ciertas palabras.

Por lo tanto, es vital que el usuario haga una revision del texto para que pueda realizar los adjustments que considere necesarios. Simply select the ‘Edit’ option and an editor will automatically be enabled to facilitate document modifications.

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