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The struggle to recruit the best talent continues in all sectors, now the needs of the new hybrid labor environment are brought with them and, as a result, future employees are reevaluating their priorities. Antes, los empresarios podian atraer a los futuros trabajadores con la promesa de un espacio de oficina bien disañon, pero ahora no es suficiente. The technology is the key to the retention of employees, because it is not only about providing equipment and equipment that facilitates the work, but also about providing the necessary hardware to work flexibly and without problems, collaborating easily with your colleagues.

In addition, technology must promote efficiency, creativity and collaboration. En el mejor de los casos, debe ayudar a los equipos a generar, capturer y actuar sobre grandes ideas que impulsen el negocio. Es vital facilitar a los empleados el trabajo en remoto, la conciliación tanto laboral como personal y la collaboración flexible. Cuando no es así, la productivity y la experiencia de los empleados pueden verse afectadas. Las ITDMs que entienden esto should aumentar su enfoque en las initiatives de experiencia de los empleados que mejoran la tecnologia de cara al emploado.

With this in mind, Dynabook Europe GmbH, a Japanese brand inherited from Toshiba with more than three decades of experience offering products and solutions of the highest quality, security and reliability, explains some of the benefits that technology brings to the new hybrid environment.

The technology as a solution to work in the best possible way

Given that the hybrid work has become a permanent element in the life of most people, many companies have focused on optimizing and focusing on work from any place. Una de las formas más simples y efficacias de hacerlo es dotar a los trabajadores con mejores devices y software, because the majority of companies prevent that a high percentage of workers are hybrids in the future. Los propios empleados también deben estar satisfiedos con la tecnología como forma de mejorar su propia experiencia y satisfacción en el lugar de trabajo.

La mejor manera de hacerlo es con dispositivos que se adapten a diversas necessidades y tasks. There is no unique technology for all employees, but aspects like the diversity of interfaces, the expansion options and the great connectivity can mark the difference. Por ejemplo, desde una unidad que permita un facil intercambio de datos even en movimiento, hasta adaptadores para ampliar la connectiva en las meeting rooms. Para los empleados que trabajan desde casa, los soporte para portátiles pueden mejorar la ergonomía, y los ratones y teclados wirelessdos también pueden aumentar la comodidad operativa.

Uno de los posibles inconvenients de trabajar desde casa puede ser el disorder que esto puede generar. Por eso, muchos empleados recurren a estaciones de acoplamiento (docking) para obtener solucións compactas que amplí la gama de connexions sin necesitar demasiado espacio. Muchos empleados también need backpacks specially designed and well padded to transport the equipment, así como candados que protectan contra el robo y la sustracción de datos Dynabook accessories help you work and produce more comfortably and support the hybrid transition, not only to increase the satisfaction of employees, but also to guarantee maximum performance and maximum flexibility with comparatively simple media.

Todo esto not only contributes to improving the experience of employees in general, but also helps companies to continue being competitive. Al mejorar la eficiencia y la productivity con las tools adequadas, los empleados pueden completar sus tareas con rapide y eficacia, además de mejorar las comunicaciones internas y mantenerse organizados mientras gestionan varias tasksa la vez.

And camino más sostenible

La sustainability es una philosophy que para muchas empresas puede attract o retener el talento. Those responsible for IT know that they must take into account the impact of the number and types of devices to feed their companies and maintain them. Computers, laptops, tablets, telephones and printers invariably have their own environmental footprint and, with the worldwide increase in interest and the need for portable devices during the pandemic, it could be easy to think that working remotely is tan beneficioso para el planeta. But, before the opportunity to abandon the linear model and advance to a circular economy in electronics, it is crucial that companies start thinking about improving the environmental performance of the life cycle of products. To achieve a sustainable and circular economy in the informatics sector, it has never been so important to reduce electronic waste and use systems like reutilization, recycling and recovery of assets.

Although the majority of providers of technology are focused solely on the environmental credentials of their own products, smart companies know that the responsibility for the elimination of a product usually rests on making decisions in the upper part of the chain of purchase. El cambio hacia un modelo de funcionamiento más circular en los dispositivos tecnologicos y la mejora de los comportamientos en los residuos electronicos ya está en plena vigencia. This means that ITDM is in the perfect position to become an intrinsic part of the cycle of sustainability that follows technology from its origins to the end of its useful life, and to choose providers that offer good life cycle options.

Dar priority a la tecnologia oriented a los empleados puede parecer a menudo una batalla ardua contra los costes y el status quo. But in this new era of hybrid work, there has never been a moment more crucial to think about your needs and to serve better the needs of each business.


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