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Mucha gente tiene el smartphone a reventar de photographs y no sabe como pasarlas al ordenador. Para todos ellos, aquí os dejamos las mejores formas de traspasar todas esas imágenes que quieres salvar para la posteridad.

For those who want to transfer all their photos from the smartphone (Android operating system) to the computer (operating system Windows), lo importante es que sepan que existen multiple opciones y que todas ellas las vamos a ver aquí, con y sin software dedicated.

It is possible that you have taken thousands of photos with your Android phone over the years. Y ahora quieres copiarlas en tu computer para editarlas o simplemente mantenerlas a salvo. No problem. Puedes conseguirlo de varias maneras en Windows.

You can connect your device to your PC via a USB cable and access photos from your phone. You can use the Windows Photos app to import photos from your phone.

You should also know that by default, your photos are saved automatically in Google Photos, from where you can download them to your PC. And if you access OneDrive, you can automatically load new photos from your phone to the OneDrive image folder.

And finally, you can use Microsoft’s Phone Link application to transfer your photos. Each method works the same in Windows 10 and Windows 11 con su propio software. Let’s see each one of them in detail:

This is how you can transfer your photos from your mobile phone to Microsoft’s operating system

Connect your phone to PC: The easiest way to transfer photos is to copy them directly from your phone. To do this, connect your phone to a USB port on your PC. On your smartphone, select the option Transferencia de archivos.

Next, abre el Explorador de archivos en tu PC con Windows y navega hasta tu dispositivo Android. Desplázate por la folder de Almacenamiento Interno o Almacenamiento Interno Compartido hasta la subfolder DCIM y luego abre la folder de la Cámara.

Use the Windows Photos app: You can also import photos from your mobile phone using the Photos app from the Windows operating system. Open the application on your PC. Now click on the Import button and select the option Desde un dispositivo conectado.

Select your Android phone and let the application generate all the photos of the device. Just click on the Change destination link to choose a different folder to import the photos. Cuando estés listo, haz clic en el botón Importar.

Use Google Photos: in the first place, make sure that a security copy of the photos is made on your phone and that it is synchronized with Google Photos. Open the Photos application. Touch the icon of your profile and select Settings of photos. Select Copia de seguridad y synchronización y confirma que el interruptor está activación para Copia de seguridad y synchronización.

Also, make sure you have enough space in your storage in the Google cloud to accommodate all your photos. You can also change the upload size to upload your photos in a compressed format to save space.

Use Microsoft OneDrive: esta es una option útil si ya utilizas Microsoft OneDrive en Windows. Install the OneDrive app on your Android phone and you haven’t done it yet. Open the application and log in with your Microsoft account.

Touch the Photos icon in the lower part. Touch the Camera Charge option and touch the Activate button. Then, activate the switch for charging the camera. Once the photos are synchronized, open the OneDrive folder on your computer and you should see all the photos.

Utiliza Phone Link de Microsoft: Another option is to use Phone Link from Microsoft, which allows you to view and recover photos and other elements from an Android phone. El primer paso es vincular y synchronizar tu teléfono Android con Windows.

Once the phone is connected, select the Photos option in the Phone Link application on your Windows PC. Then you will see all the photos on your phone. Right-click on the photo you want to download and select Save as.

The problem with Phone Link is that there is no way to select and download various photos on the PC in one left turn. So this tool is more useful for downloading only a few photos at a time.

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