Cómo proteger tu cuenta de Twitter en medio del caos

Twitter is in chaos. Elon Musk, su nuevo propietario, ha diezmado a su staff y esta semana les puso un ultimatum a los que quedan: trabajen largas horas y de forma “extremadamente dura” o váiance. Cientos optaron por irse.

Or there are signs that the output is stressing the system. Some users had problems receiving texts for two-phase authentication. Páginas de prueba appear a loco. Algunos usuarios recibean un aluvión de spam en sus mensajes directos o feed, while que otros se quejan de recipir respuestas nuevas a tweets borrados hace mucho tiempo y de la desapareción de sus borradores de tweets gardados. Even so, el sitio del pájaro continues to revolve.

Twitter no va a cerrar de la noche a la mañana. But security experts warn that the drastic cuts in personnel can open the door to criminals who exploit the vulnerabilities of the platform and put the accounts of users at risk.

Although there is not much that you can do regarding the demolition that Musk has carried out in one of the key online information ecosystems of the world, there are measures that you can take to protect your account, like millions of other users, they are not prepared to ahuecar el ala en busca de una alternative.


If you only use your user name and password to initiate the session on Twitter, it is important, sobre todo now, to add a step to the process so that it is more difficult for hackers to access your account.

On Twitter you can choose between three methods: a text message, an authentication app or a security key. Since there have been some errors and users have not received text messages to authenticate their accounts, it is possible that the best option is an authentication app, which is also considered a more secure option.

To do so, you need to download several applications available on your device. Son gratis en las tiendas Apple o Android y algunas de ellas son Google o Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile y 1Password.

Once you have the app, open the computer version of Twitter and click on the icon that shows ellipses in a circle. There, you will find “Configuration y privacidad”, then “Seguridad y acceso a la cuenta” and, finally, “Seguridad”. Here you can select “Authentication App” and follow the instructions to activate it. Twitter will ask you to share your electronic mail if you don’t have it yet.

Once you’re ready, you can use the auto-generated numeric codes from your authentication app to add an additional layer of security when you log in to Twitter.


Jane Manchun Wong, an independent researcher of software and security in Hong Kong that follows from Twitter, recommends removing permissions from third-party sites and apps from your Twitter account.

Eso porque si llegara haber un problema de seguridad con la API de Twitter (the programming interface of applications that allows third parties to access data from Twitter to create apps that work with Twitter, por ejemplo), due to the fact that there are fewer people working en la empresa, la solution inevitably tardará más.

To deactivate this functionality, click on the tool “Seguridad y acceso a la cuenta” y luego “Aplicaciones y sesiones”. There you must see all third-party apps connected to your Twitter account — including some that you may have connected a year ago that do not exist — and you can revoke access to all of them.


For the nostalgic, the researchers and the digital accumulators among us, the idea of ​​losing a decade or more of our history on Twitter is a catastrophe. But no contact. Es posible que sea tardado, pero puedes descargar tu “archivo” Twitter si quieres asegurar su preservation… por si caso.

Like other more complex features, this tool is only available in the computer version of Twitter, in the “Your account” section in the configuration. Tendrás que volver a escribir tu contraseña y pasar por la authentación en dos pasos si la tienes activada. When your archive is ready to download, you will receive a notification on Twitter. De nuevo, you will have to download the archive in the computer version of the site. Aunque este proceso suele demorar 24 horas, es posible que ahora tarde más. Algunos usuarios también han reportado tener que tryntarlo more than once.


Aunque no existe el replacamento perfecto para Twitter — ¡y Twitter aquí sigue! — muchos usuarios, sobre todo aquellos en periodismo, tecnologia y academia, se están registrando en Mastodon, una plataforma poco conocida hasta ahora que se se lanzó en 2016. Mastodon es una red social decentralizada. Eso significa que no es propiedad de una sola empresa ni de un multimillonario. Instead, it is composed of a network of servers, each running independently, but capable of connecting so that people on different servers can communicate. Registering can be complicated — you need to choose a “server” to join_, but regardless of which one you choose, you can communicate with people on other servers, but in the same way as you can send emails from your Gmail account to people who están en Outlook u otro server de e-mails.

Once you’re registered, you can go to fedifinder.glitch.me and find a list of people you follow on Twitter or any list of Twitter accounts you have on Mastodon. Muchos usuarios de Twitter are also publishing other social networks and information in their biographies or including the names shown on Twitter so that others can contact them… por si caso.

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