Consejos de seguridad informática

La seguridad informatica intends to protect the storage, processing and transmission of digital information. No matter how much effort you have put into building a digital barrier around your computer, you may wake up in the morning and have lost a copy of the information, it has been stolen, or it has been damaged by any series of unfortunate accidents. actos maliciosos.

Debemos saber que hay máquinas muy powerfulas, pero también muy vulnerables. Por eso, les comparto diversos consejos para la seguridad informática de los usuarios.

Mantengamos siempre nuestro operativo sistema updated, los sistemas operativos suffer diverse changes and offer good tools, like Windows Update, which allow your computer to be updated automatically, the update allows you to correct vulnerabilities caused by viruses and avoid spreading “softwares” ” malicious.

Let’s use an antivirus and “Anti-Malware” applications, for the security of our computer equipment it is essential to have an antivirus, in the market there is a range that you can use to protect your equipment, only there are some that are heavier than others and we must read con detenimiento cuáles son las específications mínimas que requiere ese antivirus que deseamos instalar para su buen funcción.

It is very important that we use programs to locate “malware”, such as “malwarebytes”, which allows us to eliminate, search for “software” and malicious applications.

Let’s use secure passwords, there are people who use a password for many years for all applications and this represents a risk, because if they discover one, they discover all, it’s very common to go to a public office and you can observe the pieces of paper stuck in los monitors o escritorios con las contraseñas annotadas para entrar a los sistemas, esto ocurre hasta en institución financieras y es un gran riesgo para fraudes y estafas, ya que el usuario está dejando todo sobre su escritorio.

Cuando se encuentre en sitios publicos, click on the option to forget the password, because most of the intrusions are produced by placing a password that is easy to guess, for example, users put the date of birth and the names of their children. porque es un dato importante y no lo van a olvidar facilitement. In this case, we can use “keepass”, which is a password manager that allows you to protect different passwords in a secure way and supports different operating systems (es multiplataformas).

Activate the “firewall” in your operating system, or that all operating systems have a “firewall” that allows the user to select the traffic that enters your computer, preventing certain types of attacks on the network, it is recommended that you use it and active en una configuración lo más cerrada posible para evitar accesos no deseados a su equipo.

Use a “software” to avoid “ramsonware” (data hijacking), it is a type of bad program that restricts access to certain parts of the infected operating system files, it is one of the most pressing threats today, it hijacks confidential files y se hace con el control until que la victim pague para reestablecer el funcción del sistema.

We must use safe technologies and navigation software that allow privacy, for example, in Google Chrome it is in incognito mode, which opens a window independent of normal Chrome windows. Firefox allows us to use the private browsing modality that a third party cannot exploit. In the same way, we must configure the elimination of data from browsing sessions.

Use the security backups, this is your backup if you lose the information stored on your device, the operating systems have an automatic “backup” and there are a lot of free programs like EaseUS Todo Backup Free, Cómodo Backup, IDrive Cloud Backup, Google Drive Backup, Cobian Backup.

Use a “software” VPN (Virtual Private Networks), which allows us to establish secure and encrypted connections with the companies where we work, so that all the work we do will be secure, encrypted and prevent third parties from observing and stealing information.

No es recomendable usar VPN gratuitos, algunos son, TunnelBear, Speedify, Opera ya tiene su VPN, Firefox ya está empezando a usar la suya, ProtonVPN Free, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield Free VPN.

There are USB encryption tools and removable devices, it is important that our removable storage systems, such as hard drives, USB memories, are encrypted with specific encryption software so that third parties cannot access their content easily, e.g.: Veracrypt, Axcrypt, Bitlocker, Filevault 2, Boxcryptor.

We must uninstall all applications that we do not use and avoid installing “software” pirates in our equipment, because this is the source of vulnerabilities, and the most important thing is to minimize the chances of future problems.

Computer programmer; docent FIEC, CRU Los Santos.

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