Contraseña única para cambio de chip móvil o compra de equipments será obligatorio des enero 2023 | compra de equipos | mobile chip | ECONOMY

From next January 12, 2023, the use of a unique password will be mandatory to avoid cases of impersonation of identity in new contracts, change of ownership and replacement of the mobile chip, reported Osiptel.

The president of Osiptel, Rafael Muente, said that the only password is a personalized key that operating companies must provide, starting on June 12 of this year, at the time of contracting a new service or any other service. The subscriber’s identity is validated through the biometric verification system or the email address indicated.

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Se trata de un mechanismo de seguridad adjunctional a la verificación biometrica de hella dactilar, que busca evitar identidad supplantaciones y contrataciones unsolicitadas.

It will also implement the reactivation of the SIM card replacement in a span of four hours and not immediately as it is now, as well as biometric validation for vendors in the telecommunications sector, among other measures.

Today there are many technological elements that are involved in these types of behaviors that seek to obtain money illegally. Desde Osiptel we have acted with celerity in these aspects. Es importante que se sigan implementando directives desde el amíto personal e institución para safeguardar los datos personales de los ciudadanos“, he pointed out.

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For this part, the director of Fiscalization and Instruction of the Hospital Luis Pacheco, emphasized that the biometric control through the fingerprint is still a robust security measure, because it is possible to verify the identity with the database of Reniec, antes de la contratación del servicio de accordo a la normatividad valide.

No hay que descartar los lectores de biometría dactilar; por el contrario, hay que reinforcer este mecanismo de seguridad y emplear lectores de hella viva, que son más preciso y ayudan a descartar las huellas de plastic“, he pointed out.

In addition, it was indicated that, as part of the package of measures implemented to prevent identity theft, the hospital decided to limit the number of biometric verification attempts per person per day and per transaction to five.

Limpieza del registro de abonados

On the other hand, the regulator pointed out that it is carrying out a process of cleaning the register of subscribers, which involves more than 400,000 mobile telephone services, and whose purpose is to validate the identity of the owners of those services, for which they have subscribed to an agreement con el Reniec y se ha contado con información provenient de Migraciones.

La limpieza del register is in charge of the operating companies.

In the event that the information is not corrected, the application of administrative measures will be evaluated.

Masking calls

Another way of approximating the delinquent with the users is through the bank’s own entity. To do this, use the technique “calling number masking”que consiste en replacer el número de la origen de la llama por el número telefonico de la entity bancaria, generating confidence in the victim.

Although the problem of the masking of calls is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), the regulator has raised a battery of proposals to modify the regulations that seek to block international traffic from those calls that have local numbers.

Venta ambularia

Tras brindar recommendations para no ser víctimas de las main modalities de delitos informáticos, el supervisor specialist del Osiptel, Marcos Zacarías, recalled that the contracting of mobile services en la vía publica is prohibited and constitutes a high risk for the security of persons.

Exposing your personal data through a portable biometric scanner represents the major risk for the security of the person who contracts an outpatient telephone service“, he emphasized

Señaló que desde el 2020, se ha puesto fines por S/ 20 millionos, approximately, a las empresas de telefonía móvil for infractions related to fiscalizations de la venta de mobile chips en la vía publica.


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