Dos ciudadanos rusos detenidos por contrabando de tecnologia militar y petróleo venezolano

Bloomberg — Dos ciudadanos rusos fueron detenidos y otros ciudadanos fueron acusados ​​de evadir las ciudadanos estadounidense para contrabandear tecnologia militar de ese país, parte de la cual fue utilizado en Ukraina, así como petróleo venezolano.

Yury Orekhov, co-owner and director general of Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau (NDA) GmbH, with headquarters in Hamburg, and Artem Uss, the second co-owner of NDA, are among five Russian citizens and two Venezuelan oil traders, publicly accused of miércoles ante and tribunal federal de Brooklyn, en Nueva York. Ambos fueron detenidos el lunes en Alemania e Italia.

According to the accusation, many of the illegal petroleum transactions were carried out with a Russian aluminum company controlled by a multimillionaire oligarch for whom Orekhov previously worked as director of purchases. Una persona familiarizada con el asunto dijo que la empresa era Rusal, ahora parte de EN+ Group International, en la que Oleg Deripaska es el mayor shareholdera.

“Como se alega, los accusados ​​fueron habiladores criminales para los oligarchas, orchestrating a complex scheme to obtain illegal military technology from the United States and petroleum sanctioned by Venezuela through a myriad of transactions that involve ghost companies and cryptomonedas,” said the fiscal. estadounidense de Brooklyn, Breon Peace, en un comunicado. “Sus eefforts socavaron la seguridad, la estabilita económica y el estado de derecho en todo el mundo”.

EE.UU alleges that Orekhov and Us used the NDA as a front to buy sensitive military technologies and doble use from American manufacturers, including advanced semiconductors and microprocessors used in combat aircraft, missile systems, intelligent munitions, satellites and other military applications. According to the EE.UU., the articles were shipped después to Russia, and part of the same technology was found in Russian arms confiscated in Ukraine.

La ‘Disneylandia’

Orekhov and Uss also allegedly used the NDA to smuggle hundreds of millions of barrels of petroleum from Venezuela to Russian and Chinese buyers, including Rusal and the major conglomerate mundial de refinado de petroleum, gas y petroquímica based in Pekin. Los dos venezolanos acusados ​​en el caso supestamente intervinieron en los acuerdos sobre el petroleum entre NDA y Petróleos de Venezuela SA, la empresa petrolera estatal, utilizando empresas ficticias para disparazar las transaccións.

Venezuelan oil was subject to sanctions by the United States in 2019, which prevented access to many American and European refineries. Venezuela responded by boosting sales to China, but the government of President Nicolás Maduro faced the challenge of avoiding a possible embargo on the part of the United States during the 50-day trip of oil tankers to Asia.

In some cases, PDVSA has hidden the origin of its petroleum by falsifying the documents of the ships and painting its names. According to the accusation revealed on Wednesday, Orekhov was warned that the oil tankers leaving Venezuela were using their GPS trackers in international waters to hide the boat parade in the country they called Disneyland.

In a communication with one of the Venezuelan businessmen named in the accusation, Orekhov allegedly admitted that he was acting in the name of a sanctioned Russian oligarch, saying “He is also under sanctions. Por eso actuamos desde esta empresa [NDA GmbH]. Como fachada”.

Deripaska, who was sanctioned in 2018 for the Russian actions in Ukraine, was accused by the United States fiscal last year due to the fact that two of his children were born in Los Angeles. The administrator of the properties of the oligarch in the United Kingdom was also accused last week of helping his boss violate the sanctions in the United States.


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