El aula móvil de aprendizaje STEM Mobile Newton Room llega a Huesca de la mano del Gobierno de Aragón


La Mobile Newton Room, un aula mobile de aprendizaje STEM, ha llegado a Huesca de la Gobierno de Aragón, Boeing y FIRST Scandinavia.

Between the 7th and the 25th of November, part of the Aragonese students will be able to enjoy a new innovative approach to learning through the Aula Móvil Newton, an initiative that aims to promote STEM learning –Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics– .

It is expected that more than 500 students from the third and fourth year of ESO can enjoy this initiative, in which they will learn to program and realize a rescue mission in the simulators.

El Aula Móvil Newton, which will be located in Parque Tecnológico Walqa, is composed of two expandable containers. Each container has an area of ​​35 square meters where STEM activities are carried out. The first container has work tables for students and an amphitheater where you can attend presentations related to the activities of the learning module.

The second container has a laboratory area and three flight simulators in which, as part of the module ‘We fly with numbers: an aerial adventure’, participants will be able to experience flying an aircraft.

The containers also feature a sound system and intelligent lighting that adjusts to the different scenarios and activities that are carried out during the Newton experience. El aula mobile has a capacity of 18 students per session, so 36 students can visit it daily.

Together with Boeing, the non-profit organization FIRST Scandinavia brings the Newton learning experience to Spain for the third time, after this concept premiered for the first time in Europe, in 2019. In Ourense, at the headquarters of Tecnópole — Parque Tecnológico de Galicia–, se inaugurated the first ‘Permanent Newton Room’ –Aula de clases permanente Newton– en 2021. En esta occasión, se equipará un gran espacio de aprendizaje mobile en el Planetario de Huesca.

It is an opportunity for students between 14 and 16 years old to use high-quality equipment, collaborate, debate and enjoy the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — STEM subjects –.

“In a world that is increasingly determined by the use of new technologies, training in STEM subjects is a challenge that our young people must face. Making it possible to approach these disciplines at the earliest ages is supposed to contribute to forging the vocations of futuro”, commented Felipe Faci, the councilor of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Aragon.

“I love that Boeing continues to invest in tomorrow’s engineers in Spain with this new learning opportunity for young people. After Galicia, I am proud to present the Aula Newton Móvil in Aragón and make the students of the region experiment first. “mano lo gratificante que es aprender y trabajar en áreas relacionadas con la science, la technology, la ingeniería y las mathémáticas”, ha declared the general director of Boeing for Southern Europe, Angela Natale.

“John Newton, we pretend to inspire and attract students from all over the world to the areas of STEM study. We believe that all students have talent and desire for knowledge and that all need and deserve environments where they can explore and continue developing these capacities,” he said. afirmado la directora de Newton para Europa, Alysia Tofflemire.

And this has added: “Nuestra mission es aportar un escenario ideóneo para ello con nuestra Mobile Newton Room. This is the third time we managed to bring Newton to Spain, y eso nos die que lo que estamos haciendo junto con nuestros partners está teneido un impacto positivo en España. During the next few weeks, we, together with Boeing and the Government of Aragon, hope that the students will experience the joy of learning here in the Walqa Technological Park.”


The presence of Boeing in Spain dates back to more than 88 years, in which it has met the needs of commercial airline clients and maintained a long-term collaboration with the Spanish aerospace sector.

He has also spent years as a supplier of aircraft, helicopters and military systems for the Spanish Armed Forces. The Boeing Research & Technology Europe Center, based in Madrid, generates innovative ideas to satisfy the needs of Boeing customers in areas such as model engineering, avionics systems, efficiency de operaciones aerospaciales y autónomas, materiales y technologías de fabrication.

The Newton concept is developed and managed by FIRST Scandinavia, a non-profit organization, together with professors, teaching institutions and corporations. Un Aula Newton es un aula bien equipada que se centra en la educación en materias STEM de alta calidad con el fin de inspirer al alumado.

The objective is that the largest possible number of students live a pleasant experience and enjoy the feeling of mastery in the subjects of science. The training is varied and centered on practical activities. More than 40 Newton classrooms have been created in Norway, Denmark and Scotland, and the concept has been deployed on an international scale with the patronage of Boeing.

Since 2013, Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia have collaborated on diverse projects, among others the creation of the Newton Flight Academy in Bod, Norway. In June 2018, FIRST Scandinavia was selected as an official partner of Boeing in STEM subjects with an investment of 5 million US dollars. As a result of this collaboration, the Newton concept has reached 10 European countries with portable solutions and permanent classrooms.

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