Elon Musk used a computer for the first time nine years ago

Elon Reeve Musk is an empresario, investmentista y magnate South African and Canadian, nationalized in the United States. He is the founder, consejero delegate e ingeniero jefe de SpaceX; investor angel, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. Y desde hoy owner of the social network Twitter.

His philosophy distinguishes him from other creative minds in the technology industry: “The failure is always an option. “Si las cosas no están fallando, no estás innovando lo suficiente”.

It’s Elon Musk, founder and CEO of companies like SpaceX and Tesla, who are changing the future of transportation in the world with electric cars and space rockets, which will soon be able to transport people from one country to another surcando la stratosphere.

He is also the founder of The Boring Company, the president of SolarCity, and the creator of the idea of ​​​​the ultra-fast train Hyperloop One, which will arrive in Mexico in a few years, and which now belongs to Sir Richard Branson, who invested from his company Virgin for the owner from the majority of actions of this company.

Our country will become one of the first nations in the world where one of its most revolutionary inventions in the transportation of passengers and goods, the Hyperloop One, will take thousands of people a month between Mexico City and Guadalajara in just 38 minutes. , pasando por Querétaro y León.

Mexico won the seat after competing with more than 100 countries in the Global Hyperloop One Challenge, and Musk celebrated it by assuring that our country and the other winners will be the seed of an idea that he planted in his head, and that it will bear fruit in less than una decade.


Musk seems to be in all parts at the same time, pushing all types of new incredible technologies, and therefore he is called the Iron Man of the industry.

This developer of innovative ideas was born in 1971 in South Africa. Su childhood no fue un gran momento para él: tuvo una vida familiar difícil y nunca encajó bien en la escuela. He even had to be hospitalized after being beaten by thugs who threw him on a ladder and beat him until he fainted, according to Ashlee Vance in her book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the search for a fantastic future.

Maybe haya sido esta experience la que lo ha levrado a creer que no será feliz hasta que hayamos escapado de la Tierra y colonizado Marte, luego de ver tantas estrellas.

Kimbal, his brother, describes him as an avid autodidact, remembers that Elon used to read durante diez horas a día: mucha ciencia ficción y cómics, así como enciclopedias de principio a fin.

Precoz en las computadoras

Cuando tenía nueve años, Musk puso las manos en su primera computadora, una Commodore VIC-20. The machine, remember, only had 5 kilobytes of memory and a guide to “how to program”, with the intention of making the user take six months to complete their computer training. Elon, lo terminó en tres días.

A los 12 años, he utilizó sus abilities para crear un videojuego llamado Blasterque ahora lo ve como “un juego trivial… pero mejor que Flappy Bird“. But in 1983, it was sufficiently good to be sold to a computer magazine, and from there it obtained part of its first profits in the technology industry.

Tal vez de ahí viene su afición a las consolas, que ahora comparte los fines de semana con sus cinco hijos.

Musk never felt connected to South Africa, because the country had nothing to offer a potential entrepreneur. He saw Silicon Valley as “Tierra Prometida”, or the 17-year-old left the black continent forever. Su primera parada en el nuevo continent la hizo en Canada, que era un lugar más fácil para migrar, porque su madre es ciudadana canadiense.

A few years later, he used a transfer to the University of Pennsylvania as a way to the United States, obtaining a degree in physics and economics.

In just 46 years, he had countless achievements and successes in his business, reaching the 80th position in the list of the richest people in the world, with an estimated fortune of 21 billion dollars and was cataloged as the persona número 21 más poderosas del mundo, según la magazine Forbes.

Now, between space rockets, electric cars, solar batteries, the investigation of killer robots and the thousands of millions that he made on the road, Musk is basically un Tony Stark de la vida real, razón por la cual servió como inspiración para ser el Iron Man de la actualidad.


Musk jumped on the internet boat in 1995, when he left the university he founded a company called Zip2, a primitive combination of Google Maps and Yelp, which he sold to Compaq in 1999 for 307 million dollars.

John esto, era hora de comenzar el ascenso. Los 22 miliones que obtuvo de ganancia en aquella transacción los invirtió en lo que sería el germen de PayPal, que vendería a eBay por 15 miliones de dolares en 2002.

As a lifelong fan of science fiction, Musk even tried to buy dismantled Soviet missiles to create SpaceX and send reusable satellites to space, but the Russian sellers wanted eight million or more for each one, and he thought he could build his own rockets with menos resources.

John SpaceX has challenged the giants of the US military-industrial complex, including Lockheed Martin and Boeing. También desafió a naciones teras entre las que encuentra Rusia y China, al brarse un nombre como empresa de súmperos más baratos en el ramo.

Hoy es considerados el nuevo Steve Jobs de la tecnología por sus innovadoras creaciones, pero destaca en el transporto, donde jura que acabará conquering Mars y cambiando como viaja el hombre, ya sea por tierra o aire.

He has grand plans to conquer the Red Planet by 2030, in a mission where he is looking for a return trip, where he assures that he will have the technology to achieve a colony on Mars, without leaving other merits such as electric cars and trains. superrápidos.

This text was published in Excelsior in 2017

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