Empresa de alimentación Zeelandia usa el Software Infor Coleman AI (inteligencia artificial) para personalizar productos y configurar precios

Zeelandia, a Dutch multinational of ingredients de panaderia, has implemented the analytical software Infor Coleman to shorten the time of recommendations to its clients of products and ingredients.

La multinational de ingredientes de panadería Zeelandia, usuaria del ERP Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverageha desplegado además la solution Infor Coleman AI de intelligentia artificial para que sus comerciales puedan hacer mejores recomendaciones a los clientes sobre sus differentes productos e incluso oferer mezclas e ingredientes personalizedos.

They are also using the software to establish prices in real time for their more than 10,000 products, taking into account the fluctuations that currently exist with the raw materials they use. These new capacities of AI are improving precision and speed in product selection and pricing strategies.

The solution has been implemented in the facilities of Zeelandia in the Czech Republic Infor Coleman AI pronto se desplegará en los Países Bajas y después, en todas sus localizations en el mundo incluida su sede en España. Zeelandia started su transformación digital con Infor en 2017, trasladando su planning de recursos empresariales (ERP) a Infor CloudSuite Food&Beverage. The ERP solution in the cloud provides a modern technological platform, Infor OS, to obtain added value through innovations, including the application of Infor Coleman AI.

Incremento de los costes

Zeelandia Group, global leader in the business of bakery ingredients, with operations in more than 30 countries and sales in 100, was facing unprecedented market challenges. El incrementos de los costes y la falta de disponibilidad de ingredients de panadería exigían nuevas strategies de ventas y precios para mantener la fidelidad de los clients largo plazo y al miso tiempo cumplir con sus objetivos. Given the group’s extensive portfolio of products and its large client base, Zeelandia realized that it needed to transform digitally with its organization to reach them.

Zeelandia worked with Infor to explore the potential of using Infor Coleman’s AI capabilities to create automated recommendations for products and prices.

Anteriormente, la preparación para reunirse con los clientes para analisar qué productos recomendar era larga y propensa a errores para el equipo de ventas de Zeelandia deboto al proceso manual de informes de ventas. Determining the right products for each client could be a challenge, which would make the vendor and the client lose time.

Zeelandia worked with Infor Coleman’s IA team to implement Infor Product Recommender, a solution that generates the five best products to recommend to clients, classified by the probability of success. Presentado a través de un panel de control web o móvil que utiliza la analítica de Infor Birst, a vender simply selects a client and shows product recommendations. A salesperson puede tener hasta cinco meetings con clientes en un día, por lo que Product Recommender puede ahorrarle casi un tercio de un día de trabajo de preparación.

With product recommendations based on IA, Zeelandia has achieved the following benefits:

  • Un 83% más de rapide en la preparation de las recommendations de products para un cliente, pasando de unos 30 minutos a 5 minutos.
  • Mejor experiencia del cliente con recomendaciones de products inteligentes y personalizadas
  • Increase in income by transaction and quota of portfolio by client.
  • Improvement of marketing conversion for new products or products that are about to expire.

El siguiente challenge that Zeelandia abordó with the help of Infor was the fixing of prices. Con los constantes cambios en los costes y la falta de availability de los productos, el precio tenía que adjustarse con major frecuencia. This had been a challenge for Zeelandia, since the process based on spreadsheets for the pricing of thousands of products for thousands of clients was resulting in a slow and error-prone process, and it could not keep up with the frequency of adjustments de precios requiados.

Configurator de Precios

«We have a very comprehensive price configuration that includes 10,000 individual prices«, comments Michal Rada, líder de transformación y director del grupo TIC para la IA en Zeelandia. «With current market fluctuations and uncertainty, it was even more difficult to maintain, so pricing was the next obvious objective to see what we could do with Infor using artificial intelligence and data analysis to offer intelligent price recommendations que encontraran el punto optimo entre la satisfaction del cliente y los beneficios de la empresa«.

With the help of Infor, Zeelandia applied the same concept of recommendations of IA to the fixing of prices, obteniendo estas vantageas:

  • Improving customer loyalty by offering the correct price and understanding the cause.
  • Accomplishment of profitability objectives with optimal prices.
  • Reduction of time and costs thanks to the prices generated by the machine.

«Nuestro objetivo es ser un partner de confianza de las panaderías ofreciéndoles los productos adequados al precio correcto para que, su vez, puedan mantener a sus clientes contentos y fieles«, adds Rada. «With product recommendations and prices driven by Infor’s IA, not only our vendors save time in the preparation of meetings with clients, but Zeelandia stays true to what we value the most: intimacy with the client«.

Hyper-automation software

El camino hacia la innovation continues in Zeelandia with the AI ​​de Infor Coleman applied to the dates of management of relations with clients (CRM) to provide recommendations on «clients» and «opportunities». Next, Zeelandia plans to be one of the first to adopt Infor’s hyper-automation solutions to gain even more efficiency.

«Our relationship with Zeelandia is a testimony of Infor’s continuous commitment to innovation, working together with our clients to offer sector-specific solutions that address the challenges they face every day«, says Marcel Koks, senior director of industrial strategy and solutions at Infor Food & Beverage. «We are waiting for the next stage in the digital journey of Zeelandia and we will continue working in collaboration with the team to offer the necessary solutions to support our ambitious business objectives«. In conclusion

About Zeelandia

Founded in 1900 by the Dutch Doeleman family and headquartered in Zierikzee (Bays), Zeelandia has become a global player in the bakery ingredients business. Currently, 3,200 employees worldwide are dedicated to developing products adapted to local tastes and needs, with operations in more than 30 countries and sales in over 100 countries. Zeelandia received the predicate «Real» holandés en 1950.

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