Forrester honra a los ganadores de los Premios Europeos de Tecnología 2022

– Forrester honra a los ganadores de los Premios Europeos de Tecnología 2022 en Technology & Innovation EMEA

LONDON, 18 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) ha anuncio a Enel, Michelin y Standard Bank as ganadores de los Premios Europeos de Tecnología de este año. Estos premios, presentados en el evento Technology & Innovation EMEA de Forrester, recognan a Enel por executor una estrategia tecnologia adaptada al futuro en toda la empresa y tanto a Michelin como a Standard Bank por executor practica de arquitectura empresarial oriented a los resultados. Las tres organizações han sido recognisas por poner a sus clientes en el centro del modelo operativo de su organização.

Additional information on the Forrester European Technology Prize 2022 winners:

  • Enel, una empresa energetica multinational, es la ganadora de este año del premio Technology Strategy Impact de Forrester. Enel is honored to develop a digital integrated platform that supports the company’s global retailer line. Al implementar una estrategia tecnologia que adopta prácticas ágiles y DevOps, incorpora inteligenia artificial y automatización, y se enfoca en desarrollar abilidades digitales, Enel se beneficia de un enfoque basado en conocimientos que mejora la experiencia del cliente. La plataforma digital de la compañía ya ha mejorado el Net Promoter Score del cliente y reducirá el tiempo de activation del cliente en un 80 % en 2024 en comprásiona con 2021.
  • Michelin, a French company that manufactures tires, is one of the winners of this year’s Enterprise Architecture de Forrester. Michelin has the honor of putting the client’s experience in the center of its ecosystem to adopt an approach based on data and break data silos. After identifying that an excessive focus on final architecture and architectural purity was counterproductive, Michelin’s business architecture team took the initiative to implement and deploy an agile infrastructure to guide delivery teams and offer business support.
  • Standard Bank, un banco sudafricano y un grupo de servicios financiers, también receipó este año el premio Enterprise Architecture de Forrester. Standard Bank has the honor of developing a model for the evolution of its business towards a platform for Africa that every company uses to maintain alignment while developing the minimum viable product. In addition, the company has created a catalog of architectural decisions that help the architects of solutions to produce designs that adjust to the company’s technological strategy with greater ease and speed, as well as community forums for architecture established for continuous collaboration.

“We are excited to celebrate the winners of the Forrester Technology Award, each of which demonstrates a laser focus on commercial and client results,” he said. Laura Koetzle, vice president and director of investigation of the group at Forrester. “Al transformar con éxito sus strategies y capacitas tecnológicos para que sean adaptables, creativas y resiliententes, estas empresas pueden responder a un panorama tecnológico que cambia rapidamente e impulsar el crecimiento”.

Los ganadores de los premios de tecnologia APAC de Forrester se anunciadorán en Technology & Innovation APACwhich will take place from 15 to 16 November 2022.


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