Grooming: 7 de cada 10 menores son acosados ​​a través de Internet

Starting from Informe 2022 on grooming in Argentina, developed by the NGO Internacional Bullying Sin Fronteras, which was accredited that 7 of each 10 children and teenagers consumed sexual acosos while surfing the Internet, especially for some of the social networks Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook .

The total number of complaints for grooming at national level totaled 15,000 cases, of which a small part held a condensing sentence.

“Hoy 13 de Noviembre commemorates the ‘day of fight against grooming’ in the area of ​​the Republic of Argentina because one day like today but in 2013 the law 26904 was sanctioned, which incorporated the figure of grooming into the Penal Code. The Argentine law punishes people who engage in grooming with imprisonment, in general by creating a false electronic profile to engage children and teenagers.Of the 15,000 grooming cases reported in 2022, a tiny portion has held a condensing sentence but in all ways it is a paso adelante in the fight against child and adolescent abuse, in particular in the social spheres”, by Javier Miglino, certified Expert in Asuntos de Rechos Humanos y Protección de la Niñez and Director Mundial de Bullying Sin Fronteras.

“El artículo 1 de la ley nacional 26.904 establishes that it will be punished with six (6) months a four (4) years where, by means of electronic communication, telecomunicaciones or any other data transmission technology, contact a person less than edad, with the purpose of committing any crime against the sexual integrity of the misma’. Los padres del menor, el depredador sexual has disappeared,” explained Miglino.

Children and teenagers

“Sexual predators who engage in the crime of grooming, in general propitiate personal encounters with girls, boys or teenagers with the intention of committing physical sexual abuse, unraveling the types of conduct: presenting themselves as an adult, once they access photos or videos through the obtaining of contrascripts or the hackeo de cuentas of the child, girl or teenager. It is good to previously establish a relationship of trust with the victim, starting from a false profile”, informed the specialist.

Argentina el segundo país con más casos de grooming en Latinoamérica. Starting from the Informe Internacional de Grooming, developed by Bullying Sin Fronteras, it was acknowledged that the Republic of Argentina is the second country in Latin America with more grooming cases. Only es superada por México; “What we indicate is that it is a scourge that deserves our attention. In particular, the 10 provinces most affected by grooming are: Provincia de Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Provincia de Misiones, Provincia de Formosa, Provincia de Corrientes, Provincia de Santa Fé, Provincia de Neuquén, Provincia de Santa Cruz, Provincia de Río Negro y Provincia de Mendoza:”, dijo Miglino.

“Grooming begins as a bond of trust. In many cases amidst the good wave, those and obviously engaged in all types, the sexual predator contacts the girl or boy or adolescent and he gains his trust. Little by little he logs on to the victim. Exposes her to daring situations, so that she can stop valuing the riesgos she exposes herself to, for example when she takes a photo or video without a break. Explained sexuales.In this moment the victim does not know how to recur because the sexual predator, who at the beginning seems to be enraptured, now has been hostiled and amendrented him/her all the time, between other things, with giving knowledge of the images and/ or intimate videos that her victim sent her,” the letter explained.

“En todos los casos, la denunciamento penal puede ser el camino para solving the case y de paso, colocar tras las rejas a los depredadores sexuales. En caso de duda, siempre pueden recurrir, desde toda la República Argentina a Bullying Sin Fronteras, a través del correo electrónico: “,concluyó Miglino.


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