How to identify a color with the mobile camera

Identificar un color using the mobile camera is possible. Thanks to the Color Grab app, any Android user can identify colors in a simple, fast and free way.

How to identify a color with the mobile camera

Do you need to discover what is the exact color of an object? Pues ya no hace falta que le tomes una photograph, la pas a tu computer y abras Photoshop para poder identificarlo. Thanks to the application Color Grab, podrás usar la camera de tu mobile para identificar cualquier color en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, y de forma gratuita.

Haciendo uso de una intelligence artificial que se complementa con la camara de cualquier dispositivo móvil Android, est aplicación puede identificar cualquier color sin medúmanas complicaciones. Yes, yes The zone in which you want to identify the color of the object must be well illuminatedya que en caso de estar muy oscura, los resultados podridán no ser correctos.

So you can identify a color with the mobile camera

How to identify a color with the mobile camera

Color Grab is the only application for Android that allows you to identify a color with the mobile camera.

Como bien te mencionamos al principio del article, You will need to download a special application to identify colors with the camera of your terminal. If there are terminals that include this function in native form, the last few are those that offer this characteristic. In other words, it’s much easier to download an app to carry out this action.

The app in question is presented with the name Color Grab. Totally free and extremely simple to use, la misma only available on Android. If you have an iPhone mobile, you will have to search for an alternative, because at the moment the developers of this tool have no plans to launch it on iOS.

Download Color Grab for Android

Once you have downloaded the application on your phone, you will have to follow each of the steps that we show you below to be able to identify a color with your mobile camera:

Identificar un color con la camera del teléfono

This application is compatible with any mobile phone with Android 6.0 or higher.

  • You will need Primero Open the Color Grab app from your mobile device.
  • Una vez que estés dentro de la misma, debezas pinchar en Got it para poder darle los permios que la application necesita.
  • Luego, you will have to pinch “Mientras la app está en uso” para que pueda accesser a tu camara.
  • In seconds, Color Grab will start scanning the colors that are shown on the screen of your phone.
  • Bringing the camera closer to a specific color, podrás identificarlo de forma simple y rápida. Remember that the color identified will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen.

If you have identified various colors using this app, you can access a species base de datos en donde se almacenan todos los colors identificados. Within this section, you will have the possibility to use all these functions:

Colores identificados en Color Grab

All colors identified using Color Grab are stored in the application.

  • Registro completo de todos los colors que han sido identificados.
  • Posibilidad de compartir el color identificado in different types of formats (this will serve you to use it in applications like Photoshop for Android).
  • Color Grab It is compatible with many messaging apps (pueden compartirse los colors using the most popular apps).
  • Likewise, you will be able to observe in detailed form each one of the colors you have identified.

Es importante mention que This app is in English. Si bien se puede cambiar el idioma de los colors que han sido identificados (se los puede poner en español), todas las funciones que ofrece Color Grab están en inglés. De igual forma, acceder a todas sus tools es sencillo (no hace falta saber inglés para poder usar la app correctamente).

Can you identify the color of an image from the phone?

Yes, It is possible to identify the color of an object without having to use the mobile camera. Fortunately, Color Grab offers a function so you don’t have to download another application. Para que puedas acceder a la misma, you will have to follow todos estos pasos:

Identify a color in an image from the mobile

Se pueden identify colors en cualquier photographie que se tenga guardada en el mobile.

  • Dentro de Color Grab, you must pincher sobre el icono con forma de fotografia que se ubica en la parte superior de la pantalla (en el menu de navegación).
  • Therefore, you will have to Select the app where you store your images.
  • Select the photograph que quieres utilizar.
  • Then you will have to pinchar en el pequeño candado que aparece arriba a la derecha de la pantalla.
  • And, finally, you will have to click on the color you want to identify.

Without much more to add to the topic, if you want to use a much more professional tool, we recommend downloading and installing Photoshop on your computer. Remember that you can have the latest version of Photoshop for free by clicking here.

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