how to prevent this when buying on the internet

The credit card is one of the payment methods most used in Spain. So much so, that in the country there are 88 million tarjetas in circulation. Esto es, casi dos por habitante. And not only do we use this plastic tool to buy presenciales in stores, until we also take out the bag to make online payments. Each time it is more habitual to shop online: from fashion or technology articles to our vacations. But, how can we avoid frauds and that we “have cargos without darnos cuenta”? Y, sobre todo, How do virtual cards work and how can they help us protect our money?

To avoid being the victim of these cyberfrauds, I first of all have to keep in mind some recommendations that can help us identify these potential ones. For example, and although it may seem obvious, it is important get to know the winery from which we are purchasing the products. In cases where it does not happen to us, the result will be the use of reading reviews from other customers on the Internet.


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