Huawei and Dive Medical continue to pursue artificial intelligence for the detection of visual problems in children

For another solution to this problem, since 2019, the TrackAI project from Huawei and the start-up Dive Medical have been performing examinations of children in various countries. The purpose of this is to protect people’s eyesight through the early detection of visual anomalies, which allows professionals to intervene in time.

“The purpose is that they receive medical attention earlier than possible, with the hope of achieving a world without children with vision problems”

Following this line, Simon Zhang, Chief Brand Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, ha destacado que “la discapacidad visual interfiere en el desarrollo general de los niños. Además, the anomalies related to vision are difficult to diagnose, because it is very difficult to examine very small children, with whom communication can be difficult. Therefore, from Huawei we want to promote the use of devices that are easy to use, portable and affordable, that help professionals identify the difficulties of these children early. El propiso es que reciban atención medica lo antes posible, con la esperanza de conseguir un mundo sin niños con problemas de visión”.

Huawei y Dive Medical

Huawei has collaborated with the start-up Dive Medical in the development of Dive, un dispositivo que allows to display multiple stimuli in a high resolution screen y capta la mirada del paciente mediate un rastreador ocular determinando lo que es capaz o no de ver a través de reacción innatas. To develop its own models of artificial intelligence for patient data analysis, the solution relies on Huawei’s HiAI platform. Likewise, Dive uses a Huawei MateBook Tablet in TrackAI to project the stimuli and a Huawei smartphone that controls the execution of the visual exploration, analyzes the quality of the collected data and displays the results of the exploration in real time. Gracias a la información obtenida, el técnico puede determinar si el niño necesita ser derivado a un especialista.

In addition, el proyecto TrackAI destaca por su éxito “en la detection de anomalias visuales en niños muy pequeños; many times, due to the early age of the little ones and the difficulty to communicate and cooperate, it is more complicated to review ophthalmology based on traditional methods, which makes it impossible to detect possible vision problems”, explained Huawei in a statement.

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Dive utiliza una nueva versión mejorada de su software de cribado

Dive utiliza una nueva versión mejorada de su software de cribado and has updated the devices with the incorporation of the new smartphone Huawei P50 and the tablet Huawei Matebook E, to improve the precision and quality of this technology. After the initial stages of the validation of Dive technology, the TrackAI project is already ready to expand its scope outside of hospital centers. En España, la tercera fase de este programa va a contar con la collaboración de escuelas, universidades, guarderías y centros oftalmológicos.

Por su parte, Marta Ortín, CTO de Dive Medical has explained that “this collaboration allows us to achieve incredible advances in the development and application of our visual screening technology. This demonstrates that large technological companies and researchers must work together to resolve the challenges we face today. el apoyo de Huawei, hemos podido llegar a miles de niños, y estamos enthusiados por continuar en este viaje hacia la eradicación de todos los trastronos visuales prevenibles”.

To finalize, Simon Zhang ha explicado que “Huawei se ha compromido a mark the difference in the search for new forms and tools capable of improving everyone’s health. With the expansion of the coverage of the TrackAI project, we hope to offer more people access to visual screening programs in order to reduce the rate of undetected visual impairments, providing greater value to people, families and communities around the world. “.


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