Huawei and its partners explore nature conservation with technology at Huawei Connect 2022 Paris

A COUPLE, 20 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The third parade of the HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 world tour began this Monday in Paris. Under the motto “Unleash Digital”, the main topics explored by industry leaders, experts and partners in the TIC and ecological development sectors were: liberating digital productivity, promoting ecological and digital transition in Europe and building ecosystems digitales más fuertes.

In the event, Huawei organized an afternoon session and a round table in which the vital role of technology in supporting the conservation of nature in Europe was explored, during which it presented the publication Tech4Nature – Solutions in Focus.

Developed in the framework of the Tech4Nature association between IUCN and Huawei, Tech4Nature – Solutions in Focus analyzes the best practices in the use of technology to achieve effective results in the conservation of nature, and the publication details 22 projects in 19 countries.

“There is a clear and increasing impulse and acceptance on the part of the conservation community to use more technology, but also to develop and create new forms of application. The adequate deployment of technology will help guarantee more sustained benefits from its application to achieve action de conservación justa y eficaz”, he said James Hardcastle, Jefe de Áreas Protegidas y Conservadas de IUCN.

In the session, the NGO Rainforest Connection exposed the diverse Nature Guardian projects that are being carried out in Europe with Huawei partners and locales in oceanic, humid and forest ecosystems.

“Rainforest Connection utiliza la IA y la analítica de big data impulsada por Huawei Cloud para supervisar la biodiversidad y proteger los ecosistemas de todo el mundo. Taking advantage of the power of sound, we are able to track thousands of species in the world and automatically detect the presence of illegal activities,” he said. Bourhan Yassinconsejero delegado de Rainforest Connection.

Some examples of projects currently being carried out in Europe with acoustic technologies are the monitoring of dolphins and whales on the southern coast of Ireland and the study of the impact of climate change on the life of birds and amphibians in the wetlands of Austria. Los proyectos de Nature Guardian en Italia y Grecia se centran en la prevention de la tala illegal, la caza furtiva y otras actividades humanas perjudiciales.

Also in the session, the Swiss Foundation Porini presented the pilot project that is being carried out in Switzerland with its partners IUCN and Huawei. The project aims to improve the accounting of the sumideros de carbono en las zonas forestales protegidas. The Porini Foundation has developed an application for forest carbon sequestration based on cloud computing, blockchain and high-precision satellite images to boost transparency and traceability of forest carbon sink transactions and guarantee management y utilization sostenibles de los recursos forestales.

The session concluded with a round table on how digital technology can allow ecological transformation in Europe, in which partners TECH4ALLacademics and representatives of industrial organizations explored the technological and strategic route to achieve this objective.

The assistants at the conference were also able to visit the TECH4ALL stand to learn about other digital inclusion projects that are being carried out in Europe. Among them is a pioneer project in the world of this type in Norway, which was deployed during 2021 and 2022 to save the extinction of wild Atlantic salmon in the country. The solution uses camera technology together with a gate system driven by AI to identify the Pacific salmon invader – an aggressive resource competitor and prolific reproducer – and filter the invader in a holding tank, achieving the same result as before it was impossible In the field of TECH4ALL education, the DigiTruck de France project was also presented, which offers free training and digital skills to empower communities in need, especially young unemployed people and older people.

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