Indra dota con su tecnología de control Indra Mova Traffic la nueva calzada Chirajara-Fundadores en Colombia


Indra has provided with its innovative control technology, Indra Mova Traffic, the new tunnels and open-air roads of the final section of the Bogotá-Villavicencio corridor in Colombia, inaugurated by the then president of the country, Iván Duque, who considers this infrastructure “and milagro de la ingeniería colombiana”.

El Consorcio Vial Andino (Conandino), constructor of the new road between Chirajara and Fundadores, entrusted the project to the Indra-Comsa consortium, for an approximate cost of 20 million euros.

In concrete terms, Indra has renovated the control center of Buenavista and equipped it with its integrated management platform for traffic and infrastructure Horus, part of Mova Traffic, to govern the new tram and its six tunnels, including the Buenavista one, which with At 4,559 meters, I am one of the largest in the country and in Latin America.

The consortium has also implanted the necessary communication systems, from the line of solutions Mova Comms de Indra; los sistemas de seguridad, de Mova Protect; y los sistemas inteligentes de traffic (ITS): sistemas de circuito cerrado de televisión (CCTV), contadores de tráfico, señalización road, postes SOS, detección de incendio, control de iluminación o megafonía, entre otros.

On the other hand, Indra has also modernized and expanded the existing toe stations (Boquerón, Naranjal and Pipiral), implanting the toe system of Mova Collect.

The control center of Buenavista, added to the main control center of Boquerón and the center located in Naranjal, also implanted by Indra in previous projects, allow for centralized supervision and control and with a unique interface for the complete concession. In this way, the Horus de Indra platform covers the management of the 27 tunnels that form part of the Bogotá-Villavicencio double road, and an autopista por la que circulan más de 12,000 vehicles a day. The new tram will reduce by 22 additional minutes the travel time for this corridor, used mainly by the tourist and cargo sectors.

“Para nosotros es un orgullo formar parte como socios tecnológicos de esta mega obra de ingeniería y contributar a situarla como uno de los proyectos de infrastructures más avández y modernos de Latinoamérica. I am a good showcase to show our advanced technology and Indra’s capacity to carry out the most ambitious and complex projects”, Manuel López Villena, Director of Traffic and Infrastructure of Indra’s Mobility market, has highlighted.

The Horus de Indra platform allows the integral and integrated management of the different intelligent traffic systems (ITS) and security systems that have a tunnel, and offers the operator real-time information and a unique view of everything that happens in the infrastructure, optimizing decision-making in daily situations, but sobre todo in emergency situations.

Horus integrates the system of Automatic Detection of Incidents (DAI), equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which, in turn, integrates information from cameras and sensors, and sends alerts automatically to the control center in case of any incident or emergency, forma que reduce el tiempo de atención de la misma e increasera la seguridad del usuario.

Equally, the air quality measurement systems and CO sensors are capable of detecting high levels of toxic gases in real time, and through the consortium’s control system, the fans that push this pollution to the outside are activated automatically. .

Indra’s solution also offers an innovative radio system that allows georeferencing the exact location in which ambulances, firemen, police and operation and maintenance vehicles are found, both inside the tunnels and outside. The solution also has visibility sensors and an emergency and evacuation artificial lighting system, as well as energy generators and backup power plants to guarantee the feeding of all security systems.

Variable signaling systems provide drivers with information in real time about the state of the road, the safety distance between vehicles, the speed limits or any incident.

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