La mallorquina Bookinter develops a system of artificial intelligence…

In the summer, in the Balearic Islands there are ten times more tourists than the residents that there are during the whole year, a factor that in the last few years has generated in public opinion a debate about the need to impose limits on tourism.

According to data published by INE last September, tourist apartments in the Balearic Islands reached 69% occupancy of the spaces offered (cerca de 80,000), the largest in the whole state, where the average is 51%.

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Also, regarding the degree of occupation by apartments, the archipelago reached 77.2%, also the highest percentage.

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These dates, se suman a la serious problemática that los efecto invernadero provocán at a global level, and that in Mallorca se estima en un 62% the emissions of carbon dioxide that mass tourism has caused due to the large number of rental cars , vuelos, yachts and cruisers.

With the objective of further new solutions to this situation, which also endangers the industry itself by harming the image of the tourist destination, a group of developers has devised the Bookinter platform con la que se aborda la problemática des de varias perspectivas complementarias.

Por una parte, la plataforma ofrece un servicio de inteligenia artificial que permiten una major profitability con la ayuda de una innovatura tecnología que calcula precios dynamicos adaptados a mercado y compencia, y maximiza así los beneficios sin necessidad de augmentar la ocupación. All this is achieved with data analysis tools that allow automated decisions to be made to optimize accommodation.

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Se trata, en definitive, de contribute to the sustainable economy through the application of high level revenue management in vacation rental to increase the benefit of overnight stays and reduce the need for massive occupation.

Por otra parte, Bookinter ofrece a los propietarios de viviendas turísticas un servicio de gestioni que incluide la implementation de plans concreto de eficiencia energetica que permitirían mejorar las viviendas y convertirlas en sostenibles.

So, with the objective of taking advantage of renewable energies, the Bookinter platform, in addition to the management of publications, offers better sustainability of tourist accommodation through a reform plan that will be funded in advance, and that will include investments in energy efficiency, insurance and decorations.

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Through concrete plans in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies as proposed, the OMT calculates that a saving of between 30% and 40% of CO2 emissions will be produced in the tourism sector.

The proposal for the value of this new startup consists of increasing the price per night, and the value of the real estate, so that the owners have to pay for the initial investment; incentivando así a los propietarios a convertir sus casas en eco-friendly a cambio de un percentage de la invoicación que cada vivienda genere.

In addition, the innovation in the Bookinter business model also includes the incorporation of mechanisms that favor the circular economy and promote the consumption of local services, businesses and products among guests, and collaboration with local companies to favor the local economy.

The platform Bookinter, is a project that forms part of the incubator #Emprenbit del ParcBit, and that consists of a channel manager that facilitates the generation of reservations of one or several centralized properties for different marketing portals.

Apart from the different services personalized and sustainable for owners, it allows the managers of the houses to easily visualize all the information of the reserves; datos de los huéspedes, fechas de entrada y salida, facturas, y peticiones especiales. Thanks to technology based on Artificial Intelligence, the models themselves automate the administration of properties, simplify the management of manual tasks and optimize resources.

Analyze the history of reservations, the volume of searches in the area and calculate the highest price and longest duration of the reservation. It calculates the price of accommodation and modifies it in real time automatically, based on the analysis comparing it to the group of housing related to each property. Bookinter ayuda a los propietarios y apoya la opinión de reducir el turismo massivo, para conseguir un turismo de calidad y profitabilizar cada vivienda offering reformas sin que el propietario put money out of his pocket to increase his value


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