La Universidad de Granada da luz verde a su máster en inteligenia artificial, que servirá para impulsar la candidada a la Agencia

The government council of the University of Granada approved in an ordinary session the proposal of título propio del Máster de Formación Permanente en Inteligencia Artificial, Etica y Derecho (MFP-IAED), which is scheduled to be imparted from 19 January 2023 to 20 October 2023 in a semi-presencial mode. This university degree is a step forward in the path initiated by the UGR so that Granada is the seat of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA), an entity of new creation that has been chosen together with other ten Spanish cities. Despite the number of candidates, Granada presents itself as one of the favorites alongside the proposals from Alicante and Coruña.

This master will be imparted with the media support of the CSIRC and CERPUD units that offer technologies like Google Drive, Meet or Groups for complete communication in virtual learning environments. El título se compone de 60 credits (50 de docencia y 10 de Trabajo de Fin de Máster), divided into fourteen modules with a total offer of 92 credits.” Thanks to that, the different entry profiles (technologists, jurist or humanist ) van a encontrar una oferta flexible y dinámica que podrá ser adaptada al mercado ya los interes particulares del estudiante”, informa e Instituto Andaluz Interuniversitario en Data Science (Dasci).

Se trata del “primer Máster a nivel nacional y europeo que addresses the complex relationship between Ethics, Law and Artificial Intelligence”destaca el Instituto, que señala que adborar issues relacionadas con la IA “requires a specialized reflection. This is what is proposed with this máster de formation permanente, que qualificará a los estudiantes como competent advisors in research projectsn que deban aplicar la Inteligencia Artificial en sus proyectos”.

As an example of the transversality of these studies, it should be noted that among the areas involved in the formation of this postgraduate degree are Informatics, Statistics and also Literature, Ethics, Law and Medicine. El curso consta de 30 unidades thematicas, que apuntan tanto a las armas autónomas, ciberseguridad o derechos laborales. One of the units, la 21, bears the title of “IA Public Administration and System of Control and Supervision of the IA”, which directly connects with one of the most important short-term objectives for the University of Granada, obtaining headquarters of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence.

The commission that must evaluate the candidate cities will value the presentation of a project analysis of the economic, social, industrial impact as well as the synergies generated with the ecosystems of entrepreneurship, innovation and research, which will have the selection of the locality as the seat of the Agency .

It will also value initiatives to boost the development of an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, as well as the existence of research groups in areas of interest that can support innovative initiatives such as quantum computing, cyber security, machine learning, deep learning, big data or blockchain, enumera la order por la que se publica el informe de la comisión para determinar la ciudad que finalmente se llevará la AESIA.

The platform for presenting candidacies will be open until the 7th of November. This day, Granada is expected to present its proposal in Madrid. La Universidad de Granada has a key role in this proposal. Así, in the same council of government in which the rector, Pilar Aranda, has approved the master’s degree, she has transferred to the members of the council of government “that she is working on the elaboration of the memory for the candidacy of Granada”, indicaron fuentes de la Oficina de Gestión de la Comunicación de la UGR. On the other hand, the Granada option has the support of the Junta and the City Council, as well as institutions such as the Provincial Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the PTS, scientific entities such as the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) and unions, among others

The building of the old hospital of La Salud has been proposed to house the headquarters. Entre las otras ciudades candidateas están las ya mentioned de Coruña y Alicante, a las que se suman Burgos, Zaragoza, Tenerife, La Rioja, Gijón, Palma de Mallorca, Segovia, Ávila, Santiago y Orense.


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