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¿Reacondicionado o recertificado? What is the difference? Los telefonos inteligentes are becoming increasingly affordable, so there is much competition to offer the best value. But with the cheapening of smartphones, another category has emerged to offer users even more value for their money. The electronics industry calls this process Refurbishing, Recertificado. It means that the previous model of a smartphone has been repaired and returned to its functional state at a reduced price.

La Most manufacturers give a new life to mobile phones que se han degastado prematuramente o que han sido descatalogados. In the majority of cases, these repackaged phones are only available through the mail order service and not in retail stores. Así que si estás buscando un nuevo smartphone de menos de 200 euros (o menos), ¡sigue leyendo! This article compiles everything you need to know about refurbished smartphones, from why they exist, what they cost, and how you can buy them safely.

¿Qué es un mobile reaccondicionado?

Los productos electronicos reaccondicionados son productos de primera o segunda mano que han sido devueltos al fabricante para ser reacondicionados, reparados y repackados. Next, the product is made available again to the public. Hay dos tipos de productos electronicos reacondicionados. The first type is a product of the “mercado gris” that never was destined to be sold again. Los productos del mercado gris suelen ser telefonos antiguos que el manufacturer dejó de fabricar. The second type is a product from the “white market” that has been returned to the manufacturer for issues of warranty and repair.

¿Por qué los telefonos inteligentes tienen un programa de recertificación?

A medida que los telefonos inteligentes se hicieron más frecuentes y accesibles, se hizo importante para los manufacturers mantener un supply constante de telefonos inteligentes reacondicionados que funcionaran. El problema, sin embargo, es que no hay forma de predecir cuándo va a fallar un teléfono. The manufacturers are also increasingly concerned about the impact of heavy metal contaminants in the environment, so they want to make sure that their products are not damaged after they have been used by many people. In response, manufacturers are offering a program that allows them to recertify older smartphones and put them back into circulation. As it is not about new phones, it is not necessary to make a new inventory, so manufacturers do not have to worry about running out of stock or delaying the launch of new phones. And as the telephones are newly refurbished and not new, the price is significantly lower than that of the new models, so manufacturers can release more affordable telephones.

Buy refurbished smartphones: Advantages and disadvantages

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Hay dos ventajas principales en la compra de smartphones reacondicionados. La primera es el precio. As we just mentioned, many smartphone manufacturers offer refurbished smartphones as a cheaper option than new ones. El segundo beneficio de comprar telefonos reacondicionados es la longevity. Al ser un teléfono usado, tu smartphone reaccondicionado puede durar mucho más que uno nuevo. While new smartphones have a useful life of two years, refurbished models can last many years if they are used properly.

Sin embargo, los telefonos reaccondicionados tienen algunos inconvenients. The primary problem is that the phone does not know exactly what conditions it is in. This is especially true in the case of telephones from the gray market, which were not intended to be sold again after being returned to the manufacturer. The second drawback is that you don’t know the phone history. Algunos telefonos reaccondicionados simply se han gashatado y se han returned para su reparación. Otros telefonos pueden haber sido maltratados por sus anteriores propietarios, por lo que hay que tener cuidado.

Más ventajas y desventajas de los reacondicionados

Is it safe to buy refurbished mobiles?

This brings us to the most important question. We have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of buying refurbished smartphones, so now we have to talk about the security of these devices. The best way to respond to this question would be to ask some people: family members, friends and work colleagues. So many people han utilizado un smartphone reacondicionado, y vuelven a comprar reacondicionado, puedes estar seguro de que es seguro utilizarlo. La siguiente mejor manera de responder a esta pregunta es preguntar a los manufacturers. Muchos manufacturas de telefonos inteligentes se enorgullecen de su program de telefonos inteligendos reacondicionados, por lo que estará encantados de decirte lo seguros que son sus products. Si no puedes encontrar una respuesta en estas fuentes, lo más probable es que la respuesta seaa affirmative.

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