NVIDIA presents Drive Thor, a central computer of the next generation

Las sorpresas en GTC 22 siguen y NVIDIA Drive Thor, una computadora centralizada de príxima generación que ajuda a que los vehicules autonomos sean seguros es una de ellas.

DRIVE Thor, which achieves up to 2000 teraflops of performance, unifies intelligent functions. Including automatic driving and assistance, parking, monitoring of the driver and occupants, group of digital instruments. In addition, the infotainment in the vehicle (IVI) and the entertainment in the rear seat, in a unique architecture that allows greater efficiency and a lower overall cost of the system.

The superchip of the next generation includes advanced AI capabilities that were presented for the first time in the multi-instance architecture of the GPU NVIDIA Hopper, together with the CPU NVIDIA Grace and the GPU Ada Lovelace. DRIVE Thor with MIG support for graphics and computing allows IVI and advanced driver assistance systems to execute domain isolation, which allows simultaneous critical time processes to be executed without interruption. Available for the 2025 models of car manufacturers, it will accelerate production plans to offer greater performance and advanced functions to the market in the same timeline.

“Los avances en la computación acelerada y la AI están avanzando a la velocidad de la light,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “DRIVE Thor is the superhero of centralized computing, with ultra-fast performance to offer supercomputers defined by secure software and continuously updateable on wheels.”

Drive Thor de NVIDIA reaches the best in the industry

As a sign of the transport industry’s support for this new supercomputing architecture, the Geely-owned car manufacturer ZEEKR announced that it will integrate DRIVE Thor into its central vehicle computer for its next-generation intelligent electric vehicles, which will begin production in early in 2025.

An Conghui, CEO of ZEEKR, said: “ZEEKR users demand a luxury experience that includes the latest technology and security features. “NVIDIA DRIVE Thor will support our mission of providing vanguard technology that satisfies the needs of our clients and guarantees that ZEEKR remains at the vanguard of tomorrow’s innovations.”

DRIVE Thor admits the computation of multiple domains, isolating functions for automated driving and IVI. In general, dozens of electrical control units are distributed throughout the vehicle to enhance individual functions. Con DRIVE Thor, los manfacturers pueden consolidar de manera efficienta muchas funciones en un solo system en un chip (SoC). Lo que facilita las restrictions de supply y simplifica el desarrollo del diseño del vehículo. Que además resulta en un costo significantly menor, menos peso y menos cables.

DRIVE Thor is the first AV platform to incorporate an inference motor transformer, a new component of Tensor Cores within NVIDIA GPUs. Con este motor, DRIVE Thor puede acelerar el inferencia de inferencia de las redes profundas transformer hasta 9 veces, lo que es fundamental para admitre las enormes y complejas cargas de trabajo de IA asociados con la conduction autónoma.

Capacitance de punto flotante

Another advantage of the DRIVE Thor is that it has a floating point capacity of 8 bits (FP8). Por lo general, los desarrolladores lose the precision of the neural network when moving the 32-bit FP data to the entire 8-bit format. DRIVE Thor has 2,000 teraflops of precision FP8, which allows the transition to 8 bits without sacrificing precision.

It uses the most recent NVLink-C2C chip interconnection technology, while running multiple operating systems. The advantage of NVLink-C2C is its capacity to share, program and distribute work through the link with a minimum overall cost. This equips the manufacturers of automobiles with the capacity of computing. In addition, the flexibility to construct software-defined vehicles that can be improved continuously through secure and wireless software updates.

“The shift to software-defined vehicles with centralized electronic architectures is accelerating, driving the need for more powerful computing platforms with greater energy efficiency,” said Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights. “La virtualización, la transferacia de datos alta velocidad y el enorme del proceso de procesos de NVIDIA DRIVE Thor pueden permissir vehículos más seguras, mejores experiencias de usuario y nuevas fuentes de ingresos potenciales”.

NVIDIA Drive Thor is designed for the highest levels of security

DRIVE Thor is designed for the highest levels of functional security. NVIDIA has invested more than 15,000 years of engineering in the security of the entire battery. NVIDIA is the only company with a unified security approach in all its systems, from the data center to the fleet. Security is incorporated in each step of the company’s development process. What includes the design, production and operation of the vehicle.

The SoC DRIVE Thor and the AGX board were developed to comply with the ISO 26262 standards. The software set is designed to comply with the ISO 26262 and ASPICE standards. The Thor SoC and software are also designed and produced to comply with the ISO 21434 standard.

DRIVE Thor replaces NVIDIA DRIVE Atlan and will be the successor to DRIVE Orin, which is currently in production and offers 254 TOPS of performance.

Amplia Compatibilidad de la Industria con DRIVE Thor

Get more information about the enthusiasm on the part of the leaders of the transport industry with regards to DRIVE Thor.

The existing customers of DRIVE Orin can take advantage of the scalable DRIVE architecture to easily transition their current development efforts to DRIVE Thor. Los desarrolladores pueden cosechar los beneficios de sus investments en software en multiple generations of products as they design for future production roadmaps.

Mira el discourse destacado de NVIDIA GTC, en el que Huang announced NVIDIA DRIVE Thor. Y otros desarrollos automotores clave con IVI, mapeo, simulación y más.

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