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El Ayuntamiento de Palma celebrates this Thursday a plenary session in which it will present its candidacy for the Balearic capital to host the future headquarters of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (IA).

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The city hosts the third meeting of the board of governmental advisors of Gaia-X


El Ayuntamiento de Palma celebrates this Thursday a plenary session in which it will present a candidacy for the capital Balearic albergue the future seat of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (IA).

Así lo ha comunicado, en declaraciones a los medios, el conseller de Fondos Europeos, Universidad y Cultura del Govern, Miquel Company, tras mantener un encuentro con la secretaria de Estado de Digitalización e Inteligencia Artificial, Carme Artigas.

Tras el encuentro, en el que also ha estado la presidente del Govern, Francina Armengol, Company ha advanced that the Balearic Executive will work together with this candidacy with the City Council of Palma. This seat will allow “Posicionar Baleares en un ambiento tan importante como es la Inteligencia Artificial”, además aportar beneficias en materia empleo y economia, ha destacado el conseller.

In the case of Palma welcoming this seat, the Balearic capital will count with 25 State officials who will work in the agency. Todo ello generaría, según el conseller, un efecto “expansivo” con el resto del sistema balear de Inteligencia Artificial.

In this form, the Company has shown its predisposition to prepare “the best candidacy possible”, since it is a bet for economic diversification and employment generation.

Por su parte, Carme Artigas has considered “una great news” the candidacy of Palma, because “pone en valor el gran ecosistema que ya existe en el ambiente académico, científico y de emprendimiento”. “No sé si va a ganar o no, la competition es feroz, pero yo creo que ya han ganado. Ser capaz de articulate una candidada que ponga en valor el ecosistema público y privado, hace que sea una candidada ganadora”, ha expresado la secretaria de Estado, quien ha reiterated la voluntad del Gobierno de decentralizar este tipo de initiatives.

Through her account on Twitter, President Armengol also referred to Palma’s candidacy and highlighted that “digitalization and innovation are the goals of the Balearic Islands of the future”. “Queremos que Palma acoja la sede de nueva Agencia Española de Inteligencia Artificial”, ha remarked.

Palma de Mallorca will compete in the process with other cities such as A Coruña and Granada, which have also bid to host the Agency’s headquarters.


Por otro lado, the conseller has highlighted the importance of aligning with the State initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence, cyber security, 5G and big data. In this sense, he recalled that the Islands have a roadmap of technological projects that they have presented in the fields of agriculture (with Extremadura), cyber security (with Navarra), tourism (with the Canary Islands) and Artificial Intelligence (with Cataluña).


En el marco de su visita a Baleares, la secretaria de Estado ha visited una oficina Acelera Pymes y ha visited el centro de formationa IBSteam.

Artigas has also presided over the opening of the sessions of the Board of Governmental Advisors of Gaia-X, the non-profit European association to promote a federated infrastructure of services in the cloud for the best sharing, management and exploitation of data between organizations.

This is the third meeting of this body that has dealt with public policies to align the strategy of the member countries with the alliance. The meeting was attended by representatives from more than a dozen European countries.

Artigas has explained that they are fixing “laws, structures and tools of trust to permit the protection and reutilization of business, industrial and personal data at transnational levels”, according to a communiqué from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

The conference will continue this Friday with the exhibition of some successful cases and vertical sessions to identify forms of collaboration and synergy between projects and dependencies that may exist with a special focus on the Spanish tourism data space.

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