Release the power of technology for a more green and digital Europe

A COUPLE, 18 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The third parade of the HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 world tour has started today in Paris. The theme of this year’s event is “Unleash Digital”, reuniting thousands of industry leaders, experts and partners from the TIC and green development sectors worldwide to explore how all interested parties can liberate more effectively la productivity digital, promote la transition verde y digital de Europa y construir ecosistemas digitales más fuertes.

Impulsar la transición digital y ecológica de Europa junto a la tecnologia digital

To inaugurate the event, Ken Hupresident rotatorio de Huawei, pronunció un discourse en el que exposuo tres formas en las que el ecosistema de las TIC puede ayudar a romper las barreras comunes en la transformación digital:

  • Impulsar la infrastructure digital, including a more solid connectivity and more powerful and diverse computer resources.
  • Ayudar a las organizaciones a ir más allá de la simple adoption de la nube ya sacar realente el máximo partido de la misma, centrándose en los servicios tecnológicos avándados que impulsan el desarrollo de los saltos.
  • Construir ecosistemas digitales locales, lo que include el desarrollo de partners, el refuerzo de la reserva de talento digital y un mayor apoyo a las PYMEs.

These three approaches to promote digital transformation are closely aligned with Europe’s Digital Decade policy. “Huawei will continue working closely with our partners in Europe to support the region’s digital and ecological transition strategy,” explained Hu. “We are committed to support economic recovery in Europe, success in industry and sustainable development”.

In the event, a distinguished group of industry and government representatives also took to the stage to share the key steps that their organizations are giving to boost Europe’s digital and green transition, as well as the best practices and reflections through trip. Among them, Franc Bogovič, deputy of the European Parliament; Alain Assouline, president of the Comisión Digital del CPME; José Donoso, president of Global Solar; Fabien Aufrechter, Vice President of Web 3.0 at Vivendi; Gonzalo Elguezabal Ayala, executive director of AOTEC in Spain; y Victor Marçais, socio principal de Roland Berger.

“En Europa, para Europa”: Potenciar las industrias locales y cultivate el talento digital

Las capacitas digitales y el desarrollo del ecosistema son fundamentales para la transformación digital de Europa. “Para ayudar a las industrias europeas a digitalizarse”, explained Hu, and added: “We are working hard to build a solid, safe and resistant TIC infrastructure. To support continuous innovation, we have also built multiple Innovation and Experience Centers, as como OpenLabs, en ciudades como Múnich y París. Together, we can create more specific solutions for European industries and help speed up the digital transformation process”.

Huawei also works with local partners to help cultivate digital talent in the region. The company has opened a series of TIC academies in Europe that focus on the formation of students and professionals. Since 2011, Huawei has imparted training in ICT to more than 4,000 people in 12 European countries, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

“Utilizar los bits para gestionar los watts”: Construir una Europa más ecológica con tecnologia digital

“En el frente verde”, highlighted Hu, and added: “We combine digital technology with electronic power to help our clients from all sectors reduce their carbon footprint and reach the objectives of the European Green Agreement”. Until the year 2021, Huawei has helped its clients and partners to generate more than 84,000 million kilowatts of clean energy here in Europe, reducing CO2 emissions by almost 24 million tons.

“Desde el desarrollo sostenible hasta la construcción del ecosistema, estamos en Europa, para Europa”, concluded Hu, reiterating the commitment of the company to work together with its clients and partners to construct a more ecological and digital future.

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