Sanidad has allocated 3.5 million euros for health technology at the Hospital General de Fuerteventura

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has announced that the project of the General State Budget for the year 2023 includes a Plan of infrastructures and equipment for Primary Care endowed with 434 million euros.

This Plan has the final destination, to co-finance, with the communities and autonomous cities, specific parts to improve the diagnostic capacity, within the Plan of Action for Primary and Community Attention, which was approved unanimously in the old Consejo Interterritorial del SNS.

Darias has highlighted that Primary Care is the backbone of the National Health System (SNS) and has remembered that it is a priority for this Government.

These words took place in the act of Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, where he participated together with the president of the Government of Canarias, Ángel Víctor Torres; el consejero de Sanidad, Blas Trujillo, el presidente del Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Sergio Lloret; y el gerente del Hospital, José Luis Rodríguez Cubas, entre otras autoridades y personal sanitario.

The minister had words for all the people who made it possible, with their struggle, to improve public health in the island, from the first 230 workers at this hospital to the current 1,836. In addition, he highlighted how the hospital has grown and expanded its health services for the progress and development of Fuerteventura, improving people’s lives and making the island’s growth possible in all senses.

Darias, que tuvo un recuerdo especial para el primer medico majorero de la isla, Tomás Mena y Mesa, ha citado algunos ejemplos de esta evolucion como la construcción de su helipuerto en 1986 y su reciente adaptación; las diferentes ampliaciones de su UCI o la puesta en marcha recentente de una nueva unidad de estancia media para cuidar de la salud mental.

In this sense, he has manifested that this is a goal shared by the Government of Spain, which has approved the Mental Health Plan endowed with 100 million euros, of which 24 million have been distributed this year among the autonomous communities, and the puesta en marcha del teléfono 024 de atención a la conducta suicida.

On the other hand, the minister has exposed the investments that his department is pushing to continue building the future and improving people’s lives, such as the Plan for Investments in High Technology Health of the SNS, and an action included in the Plan for Recovery, Transformation y Resiliencia, with an investment of 795 million euros, which is allowing to renovate and/or expand 852 equipment of high technology to improve the diagnostic capacity and the approach to diseases.

This Plan INVEAT supone para Canarias una inversión de 38.5 milliones de euros, que van a permitir y/o renovar 40 equipos. And, in concrete terms, for Fuerteventura, the more than three million and a half euros of INVEAT’s investment will also make possible the installation of the primer TC de Planificación de Fuerteventura and a hemodynamic room, which will include the installation of the primer angiograph of the historia de la isla, permitiendo así el diagnostico de enfermedades graves.

Thanks to this financing, the Hospital General de Fuerteventura receives 3.5 million euros for new equipment that is already in full operation, like the new lineal accelerator, thanks to which the Oncología Radioterápica unit that attends to patients has been launched con cáncer para que no tengan que trasladarse a Gran Canaria, como ocurría hasta ahora. Fuerteventura se convertivo así en la primera isla no capitalina que cuenta con esta provisiona.

Compromiso profesionales

Minister Darias has valued the commitment of healthcare professionals in the fight against the pandemic, especially the nursing staff in the vaccination campaign, which allows us to look to the future. Spain is a reference country in vaccination, with 92.8% of the population aged 12 years and older vaccinated with complete vaccination and 80% of people aged 40 and over with the first dose of vaccination.

Finally, the minister highlighted the actions that the Government is taking to reduce the temporary health care workforce, with more than 67,000 jobs in all of Spain. Darias has highlighted the increase in the Oferta de Formación Sanitaria Especializada en casi un 40 por ciento since Pedro Sánchez is president of the Government, posibilitando que más medicos y medicas se incorporen a nuestros hospitals y centros de salud.

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