Schneider Electric presents the next generation of industrial technology

Schneider Electric, leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, urges the industry to stop focusing solely on production and adopt a model that helps combat both the climate crisis and the energy crisis.

On the occasion of the Innovation Summit World Tour 2022, the annual series of events for clients and partners of Schneider Electric, the principals responsible for the company have highlighted that the traditional approaches to industrial development are not designed to face the challenges facing change climate, the actual energy crisis, the volatility of the market and the supply chain, and socioeconomic tensions.

“To advance towards the objective of zero emissions, we must integrate sustainability, circularity, resilience and quality of life en cada paso de la toma de decisionis industriales”, ha declared Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. “La digitalización, el Internet Industrial de las Cosas (IIoT) y la automatización han impulsado el crecimiento, pero esto también debe favorer a la sociedad, conseguir la decarbonización y proteger los recursos limitados de la Tierra. La industria necesita adoptar las technologías próxima generación, donde cada novedad empowera los trabajadores, hace advance a la sociedad, mejora el bienestare y ofrece crecimiento económica, de forma sostenible.”

The Industrial Automation division of Schneider Electric has taken advantage of it to present several new offers that focus on promoting the efficiency of engineering and addressing the shortage of talent. These offers allow the actual industrial personnel to work in a more effective way, reduce the time of installation, prolong the life of the machines and the efficiency of the machines and reduce the energy consumption.

Impulsar la automation centrada en el software

EcoStruxure Automation Expert 22.1, the last version of the world’s first software-centric industrial automation system, integrates even more with the AVEVA System Platform so that users can design graphics with the Operations Management Interface and access the wide range of assets AVEVA is based on the latest standards of knowledge of the situation. The graphic design and control applications of AVEVA in the same environment reduce the efforts of engineers in cases by 50%, minimize training time and end quality failures.

The new version of EcoStruxure Automation Expert now integrates the Modicon M262d to offer a cost-effective controller for discrete manufacturing with greater computer performance capacity, and now combines with EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin to boost operational efficiency from the engineering point of view y la continuidad mejorada en los mundos físico y digital.

La HMI de EcoStruxure Automation Expert puede ahora desplegarse en PCs con sistema Linux, ofreciendo a los usuarios una mayor gama de hardware y factores de forma según las necessidades particulares y el presupuesto. As the EcoStruxure Automation Expert SoftdPAC controller is compatible with Linux, users can now configure control applications and HMI easily on the same hardware.

More information and better integration to automate energy and processes

EcoStruxure Power and Process benefits even more from the AVEVA Unified Operations Center, the industrial collaboration interface that connects operational, information and engineering technologies, to provide visibility throughout the company, reduce energy consumption and non-planned inactivity time, y aumentar la profitability.

EcoStruxure Power and Process is now integrated with ETAP energy management software solutions that design, operate and automate energy systems. This combination of technologies improves the simulation capabilities, because the changes in the processes can be executed digitally to determine the possible efficiencies without the need to make physical changes, and ofrece ventajas de recovery para poder programar en los sistemas los protocolos para los apagones o las condiciones inestables.

Simplicidad y productivity con un nuevo cobot de la range Lexium

El nuevo cobot de Schneider Electric de la range Lexium forms part of an advanced robotic system that helps people to perform repetitive, heavy and complex tasks. The cobot is easy to implement in existing industrial environments mejora la capacitación y la seguridad de los trabajadores. You can perform very technical tasks with precision, lift objects up to 18 kg and work side by side with people in production lines. Los usuarios pueden programar y manejar intuitivemente el cobot via través de una application Android.

Un mundo eléctrico más resistente y sostenible

With sustainability as a central issue, and to celebrate and defend initiatives worldwide, Schneider Electric has also announced its Impact Awards in the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards, designed to recognize the fundamental role that clients and providers play in achieving mundo más resilient y sostenible. Entendiendo que nuestros partners y providos seleccións sentar el precedent para que otros sigan sus pasos, el programa espera conseguir un impacto significado a través de prácticas consideradas sostenibles y efficientes. Applications are open and the presentation deadline is November 25.


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