Siete startups andaluzas que ayudan a luchar contra el cambio climática

Several Andalusian startups are looking for disruptive solutions that, with the potential of technology, can contribute to the fight against climate change and help regenerate the planet. Concretely, seven initiatives supported by the Minerva Program of the Junta de Andalucía and Vodafone have launched their business ideas to minimize the impact according to the information provided by the startup accelerator note.

The startup Tales Technology patents a solution to combat in real time air pollution in buildings via drones

The startup Tales Technology patents a solution to combat in real time air pollution in buildings via drones

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La contaminación del aire es una de las majores amenazas ambientales para la salud pública y es en la problemática que se ha ha centrado la startup Tales Technology. It has developed and patented an innovative system to combat in real time and in an active way the poor air quality in buildings through the use of drones. El dispositivo se mobiliza al detecter nivels de contaminación en alguna área del edificio, directing the drone to the risk zone to para purificar el ambiente automatically. El aparato vuela a una altura de 2 meters approximately, es de pequeñas dimensions y su sonido es practically inappreciable para el oído.

To purify the quality of the air, regenerate the soil and treat industrial waters in a natural and sustainable way, the initiative G2G Algae was born. The startup takes the technology of microalga cultivation as a proposal to regenerate the environment, sobre todo in the agro-alimentary sector. He has developed a kit for his cultivation on an industrial scale and low cost to produce a concentrate that acts as a biostimulant capable of regenerating agricultural soil, industrial waters and even purifying the air of buildings through green filters, the last solution they have put in el marcado.

Transport is the cause of 37% of CO2 emissions. Reducir su impacto potentiando el vehicule el électrique is the proposal of Blowind, which has developed a generator of energy capable of increasing its autonomy. This generator takes advantage of the wind energy of the vehicle’s own movement, a pioneer technology that has required years of research and development of several patents. The solution seeks to facilitate long-distance journeys for the transport of merchandise and people in a sustainable mobility environment, increasing autonomy and reducing operational costs.

El cambio climática is affecting the water cycle, one of the principal natural resources. The technology can be a great ally to facilitate good use and that’s how they’ve seen the various initiatives that Minerva has done.

To achieve more sustainable consumption in the home, Waisense has developed a system that allows you to save the water that you waste, waiting for it to be sold at the temperature that you desire. A solution that seeks to save up to 25 liters each time we open the hot water tap and reduce the cost of the invoice.

The startup Graniot, for its part, allows agrónomos and agriculturists to take better decisions regarding irrigation and fertilization of their crops, thanks to satellite technology and agroclimatic information. This solution makes it possible to prevent situations of high risk in crops and save up to 15% of the cost of water.

The other tool that improves the use of water in the field, in this case for the cultivation of strawberries, fruit and avocado, is Sensacultivo. Its device is placed on the ground to know in real time the state from the mobile, allowing to save up to 25% in the consumption of water and fertilizers.

For its part, la sevillana Aquamática has created a sensor solution to automate irrigation and phytosanitary treatments. El sistema permisso orientar a los agriculturists para regar de forma efficiente través de una application sin necesidad de desplazarse de desplazarse de forma constante a las plantations.


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