Sony presents the Alpha 7R V, with a ‘full frame’ camera that recognizes objects with Artificial Intelligence

After the success of the Alpha 1, presented for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Sony redobla su puesta con la Alpha 7R V. This is a model mirrorless acaba de lanzarse a nivel mundial —también en España— to renew one of the great sagas of the Japanese company that reached the fifth generation.

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As explained by Sony, the Alpha 7R V supone un gran salto tecnologico respecto a la anterior generación thanks, principally, to the addition of a new processor that is accompanied by a large dose of artificial intelligence. Sin arriesgar en el sensor, buscan dar una vuelta de tuerca al performance internal con un potential muy superior processing y un focus automatica con recognícia de objetos, animals y personas never seen in the Japanese brand.

Sony, en su gama de cámaras Full Frame, divides its models into 3 variants: the range A7S specially designed for video, the range A7R focused on photography and the range A7, which gives an intermediate result between both worlds. This Sony bA7R V impacts directly for the most professional photographers who require maximum quality in their work.

That’s the Sony A7R V

Sony did not want to risk much in the sensor of this new generation and incorporates the same thing as the previous version of the camera. It is a back-illuminated 35-millimeter full-frame Exmor R CMOS 61-megapixel image sensor that captures sensitivity settings from ISO 100 to ISO 32000; as much for photography as for video.

The stabilization has also been a point where Sony has worked including an 8-step photo compensation system together with an algorithm that allows you to extract all the potential of the 61 megapixel sensor. Artificial intelligence is also available online recognition of objetos como coches, aviones o trenes; de personas y de una gran variatedo de animales.

Sony Alpha 7R V

Sony Alpha 7R V

Izan González

El autoenfoque de la Sony A7R V “cuenta con recognition advanced de sujetos gracias a la nueva unita de processing de Inteligencia Artificialwhich includes deep learning“. Employ detailed information on the estimation of the human posture to improve the accuracy of recognition of the subject and “take full advantage of the potential of its resolution”. objetos que puede recóncer o mejore los existentes.

El modo disparo se mantiene en 10 fps en continuo, con seguimento AF y AE, y con capturas silentosas y sin vibraciones de hasta 7 fps. El buffer se ha mejorado y ahora tiene la capacidad de realizar disparos continuos de hasta 583 RAWs comprimidos. También se ha incluido el soporte de nuevas funciones de focus de alta resolution, como el DMF constante y el bracketing de focus.

Video in 8K

In the video section, Sony has incluido soporte para 8K up to 25 fps and 4K up to 30 fps. To improve the user experience, the company’s engineers have redesigned the heat dissipation system, allowing up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted 8K recording.

Otra de las novedades incorporated ha sido el monitor multiángulo de 4 ejes que permite la realization de fotografías y vídeos en cualquier position. Also, the screen —también tactile— it has a resolution of 9.44 million pixels, which is the same as the Sony A1 camera.

Sony Alpha 7R V

Sony Alpha 7R V

Izan González

In the connectivity section, it has two SD and CFExpress card slots that combine with one port USB Type C 3.2 that reaches 10 Gbps de transmission y WiFI 2×2 MIMO. Here they also worked to improve the speed of all data transmission methods thanks to the new processor.

La Sonya Alpha 7R V has a price of 4,500 euros, sin inclurier objetivos. El periodo de reserva se abre hoy mismo y estará disponible a partir de midido o finales de noviembre.

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