Spanish Telecom launches “Family Plan” to save homes in mobile telephony

This new pack allows you to receive a 20% savings from the third contracted line of UNLIMITED tariffs, with unlimited calls and 30, 50 and 70 GB of data

This new pack allows you to receive a 20% savings from the third contracted line of UNLIMITED tariffs, with unlimited calls and 30, 50 and 70 GB of data

This summer, Spanish families can save a lot of money in expenses as important as mobile telephony, thanks to the new offer launched by the company Spanish Telecom.

To face the final line of the year, the company has designed a special formula for households, where they can contract the rates for their different lines to measure, that is, with the data they want and save from the third line contracted, applying siempre a la línea o las líneas, si sin más de tres, con tarifa de menos datos.

So, si una family de cuatro personas puede hacer a medida de sus necessidades su pack, por ejemplo, con una tarifa UNLIMITED 70, una UNLIMITED 50 y dos UNLIMITED 30, recibiendo descuento en estas dos ultimas del 20% de su precio.

Sin duda una form verdadamente directa en el ahorro a partir de la tercera línea y hasta la sexta, que se suma a los competiticos precios de Spanish Telecom, que arrancan desde 11.75 euros de la UNLIMITED 30.

For this, from the Spanish Telecom Family Plan section, users can design their pack according to their needs and send them to the operators of the company in a quick and simple way to close the definitive contract.

All this via the Internet or via WhatsApp, without unnecessary travel, additional paperwork, and long waits in a phone call.

UNLIMITED: Ahora para familias

The UNLIMITED concept includes the most competitive rates on the market, from Spanish Telecom, both for price and for data and unlimited calls* and always with maximum coverage in the entire national territory

With UNLIMITED tariffs, Spanish Telecom provides unlimited calls* to fixed and mobile phones in Spain together with three data packs according to the needs of users:

  1. UNLIMITED 30: Offers up to 30GB of data at maximum speed, at an extraordinarily competitive price, €11.75 per month (IVA included). Ideal for young people who are starting to use mobile phones.
  2. UNLIMITED 50: Up to 50GB of browsing at maximum speed, for only 15.75€ per month (IVA included), for those who don’t want to spend too much, but want to watch videos or play online.
  3. UNLIMITED 70: The queen of Spanish Telecom rates, with up to 70GB of data and an exceptional price, 19.75€/month. Sin duda, es option ideal para usuarios intensivos, con un estilo de vida “muy digital”, que buscan no depender de encontrar Wi-Fi.

Ahorro ideal para una familia

Como es usual, en muchos hogares hay habitualmente three o más personas y, actualmente todos los integrantes disponen de su teléfono móvil. For this reason, Spanish Telecom has wanted to realize its contribution so that the price is not a problem so that the family is in communication. In respect, Pablo Gonzalez, CEO of the company affirms, that “para una familia, hacerse su propio plan a medida es simcillez, libertad y sobre todo ahorro, con el descuento que incluimos adicional al buen precio de nuestras tarifas”. Y es que desde los pequeños a los mayores deben tener su dispositivo personal, por communication y por seguridad. En palabras de González: “Los más pequeños either have mobile devices with internet for school tasks, smart watches with internet and GPS, the seniors usan WhatsApp and other applications to keep in touch with the family and all the world has one or more mobiles. Spanish Telecom realizes with this initiative the real bet for savings in family monthly expenses, because we all have a mobile phone.

Spanish Telecom Mobile Services SL is a company specializing in mobile content and services focused on the distribution of telecommunications services with maximum simplicity and simplicity for foreign English-speaking clients. A través de acuerdos con majoristas y operators, ofrece la mejor coverage en todo el territorio national, con unas tarifas réamente competadores, tanto para particulares como para empresas.

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