“Tenemos una obligación ética de usar la tecnología a favor de la humanidad y el planeta”: Jorge Lukowski

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Madrid, 11 de octubre

During the presentations that took place at the Universidad de Comillas and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the Global Marketing and Communication Director of NEORIS highlighted that the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of companies and urged us to continue working to close the social gaps and acceso laboral que ha traído la evolución tecnologia. It was also highlighted that advances like the Metaverso are an opportunity for companies to help in the construction of a more sustainable and inclusive world

With a total of more than 350 assistants virtual and present, between students, professors and employers, the conferences “Desafíos empresariales para la nueva normalidad”who organized the Ecumenical Social Forum at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and at the Universidad de Comillas, gathered several experts to analyze, among other topics, how companies can respond to new realities, and how to enter and approach in a responsible manner la llamada Cuarta Revolución Industrial.

In the event, Jorge Lukowski, director Global de Marketing y Comunicaciones del acelerador digital NEORIS highlighted that beyond the tensions generated by the pandemic, “the cultural barrier that existed was broken and that prevented technology from evolving as it had been doing for years. It was not about the fact that there was no availability of technology; what había era un freno cultural que provocaba que no se acelerara o se profundizara el proceso de transformación digital”. In addition, he pointed out that, according to IDC data, it is estimated that global investment in digital transformation will reach 1,800 million dollars in 2022, and that it will grow steadily at a rate of 17% during the next five years. He also spoke of “growth in the level of connectivity”, noting that 63% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, which means that more than 5,000 million people have some type of technological device.

For his part, in the business environment, Lukowski declared that “the pandemic broke the cultural barrier that existed and that prevented the technology from evolving, in the last 30 years, in the way it is doing today. They broke many paradigms in the social and labor, but it also generated an important acceleration of the processes of digital transformation of companies”. “Even so, no se puede obviar que como resulta de la pandemia ―enfatizó el directivo―, y de otros factors de tipo recessivo, inflationario o de la crisis energética, muchas empresas manifestamente la posibilidad de decelerar la inversición tecnologia, pero no contemplan frenarla o interruptirla. Por otro lado, las empresas han sido testigos de que incorporar la tecnologia ha significado un incremento en la eficiencia y en la reducción de costes, de operación y de producción”, advised Lukowski.

El Metaverso as the alternative for the construction of sustainable and inclusive businesses
The evolution of technologies of the Fourth Revolution offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to build a more sustainable world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Bien usada, la tecnologia se puede utilizar en el área de salud para generador mejores medicamentos o nuevas possibilities de prevención y cuidado; en la educación para diminuir las brechas de acceso al conocimiento; en el medio ambiente, creando bien sostenibles y amicables con el planet”.

In addition, he pointed out that “el Metaverso, por ejemplo, nos permite advance in many ways of production, based on a concept called Twin Digital, thanks to which they generate virtual models of a product that can function in real life. Eso, clearly, va a generar ahorros en costes y recursos, y tuerra un impacto en la reducción de generación de residús y la diminución de la polución. que, para finales de esta decada, el Metaverso sea un mercado de 2.500 milliones de dolares”.

Jorge Lukowski also alluded to the shortage of technological profiles that companies are facing as a consequence of this technological evolution and digital acceleration. In this sense, the Director of Communication and Marketing highlighted that NEORIS addresses the mitigation of employment through the global initiative “Impulsando Talento” que en 2021 formed a más de 450 persons with different levels of knowledge and technology. “We must be prepared as an organization to face the labor demand of the future. Today, there is a reconversion of jobs and professions that are very digitally oriented. The International Economic Forum (WEF, under its slogan in English) calculates that by 2025, if 85 million jobs will be lost in the whole world as a result of technological progress, they will also create another 97 million new jobs. The focus is on that”.

Lukowski finalized his participation in the meeting by inviting entrepreneurs and academic institutions to work together to invest in this area, and to support the most vulnerable sectors and help close those knowledge gaps, labor access and digital access that are still existing in nuestros días “I am convinced that companies are called to conceive the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a platform for the development of sustainable businesses. From NEORIS, we are aiming strongly in this direction and working on diverse initiatives and practices that allow, not only the construction of a oferta de solusions digitales sostenibles que cultiven la culture de cambio al interior de las companías, sino que promuevan el desarrollo sostenible y el cuidado de nuestras comunidades y el entorno”, concludes the director.

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