The best mobile phone deals on Amazon Prime Day October 2022

Parece que fuera ayer cuando Amazon organized el ultimo Prime Day, y ya estamos aquí otra vez para repasar ofertas de móviles. La buena noticia es que hay unas cuantas y muchas son jugosas.

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Como es usual, hay que tener en cuenta que para aprovecharse de estas ofertas es necesario tener una Cuenta Prime de Amazon; The good news is that if you’ve never had one, you can create a free Amazon Prime account and enjoy a free 30-day trial period. Podrás cancelal en cualquier momento hasta entonces.

Móviles de oferta por menos de 200 euros

Estos last los mobiles que están “tirados” de precio. Son ideales para tener un segundo móvil, o si simplemente no necesitamos lo mejor de lo mejor. Lo bueno es que, con estas ofertas, podemos conseguir modelos muy attractivos.

Samsung Galaxy M23

Samsung Galaxy M23

El Androide Libre

Por ejemplo, the Samsung Galaxy M23 5G is a mobile that, despite costing less than 200 euros, offers 5G connectivity, something that was unthinkable until recently. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended models of those that we have seen on offer on Amazon Prime Day is a well-known brand. La rebaja es del 30%, muy notable teniendo en cuenta que es un móvil de gama media.

  • Buy Samsung Galaxy M23 5G for 179 euros.

Ahora bien, if what we want is a really cheap mobile, then we can opt for the Nokia models, which is one of the references in the low range of Android. The Nokia G11 is available for only 109 euros, an absurdly low figure that represents a good discount compared to the 144 euros it costs. We can’t expect much from this mobile in terms of power, although at least we have some advantages like the 90 Hz screen and the three-year security updates.

  • Buy Nokia G11 for 109 euros

Móviles de oferta por menos de 400 euros

Entramos en la gama media, donde podemos encontrar muchos ‘chollazos’ de mobiles que atuntan más alto pero que han sido rebajados a precios much más accesibles.



Manuel Ramírez

El Androide Libre

The Poco X4 GT is one of the mobile phones launched in 2022, focused on gaming, but its price could drive back players. Now we have it available for 349.99 euros, below the psychological barrier of 400 euros and a discount of less than 80 euros. Aunque no es el más rápido, en nuestras pruebas pudo executor juegos como Apex Legends sin problemas.

  • Comprar Poco X4 GT for 349.99 euros

If we seek something more equilibrated, the new OnePlus Nord 2T that we tried recently surprised us just for that reason, and just a few weeks after its release, it has been discounted. No es una rebaja enorme, algo comprensible dada la baja edad del dispositivo; aún así, 339.99 euros es un precio muy bueno.

  • Buy OnePlus Nord 2T for 339.99 euros

Puede que esos precios sean excesivos para ti. Fortunately, there are many mobile phones that remain on the fine line between the medium range and the low range, such as the Poco X4 Pro, which boasts elements such as a 120 Hz AMOLED screen, a 108 Mpx camera and a good processor, but less 300 euros.

  • Buy Poco X4 Pro 5G for 284.99 euros.

Móviles de oferta por menos de 600 euros

Empezamos a subir ya encontrarnos móviles muy attractivos, aunque probabilita, la oferta que más attraerá a los aficionados de El Androide Libre es el nuevo Google Pixel 6a, que ya podemos conseguir rebajado y con unos auriculares Pixel Buds A-Series de regalo.

Pixel 6a

Pixel 6a

Alvarez del Vayo

El Androide Libre

El Google Pixel 6a maintains many of the characteristics of the normal Pixel 6, including the Google Tensor processor that allows us to use advanced artificial intelligence functions, such as the possibility of eliminating people from our photos; y por supuesto, está un paso por delante en fotografia gracias a sus algorithmos.

  • Buy Google Pixel 6a with Pixel Buds A-Series as a gift for 399 euros

One of the biggest discounts we’ve found comes from Oppo and the Find X5 Lite. Not only is the mobile phone 38% cheaper, it also comes with a headset, sport wristband and gift bag, in a complete package. It also comes with a 65W charger, although it is not as good in other aspects as photography.

  • Buy Oppo Find X5 Lite for 419 euros

Móviles premium de oferta

But let’s say that nothing from what we have shown is really up to what you need. En ese caso, tienes que buscar en la gama premium; la buena noticia es que hay un par de ofertas interesantes, como la del ultimo móvil de OnePlus.

In effect, the OnePlus 10T, which came out on the market, has a 14% discount, which makes it much more recommendable. With this mobile, you have the last and most powerful Qualcomm processor so far, with a good screen and cameras.

  • Buy OnePlus 10T for 619.99 euros

The range FE (Fan Edition) from Samsung has always had a good quality/price ratio, and this is still true in the offer period. The Galaxy S21 FE has a great discount of 24% on its 256 GB version (the same price as the 128 GB version), a more competent price.

  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for 649 euros

Finally, the Sony Xperia is the most desired and least sold mobile phone at the same time, due to its incredible technical characteristics (especially in the cameras) but with exaggerated prices. Por eso, esta puede ser una grand oportunidade de comprar uno, con una rebaja del 28% que se queda en los 699.99 euros.

  • Buy Sony Xperia 5 III for 699.99 euros.


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