The Instituto FII launches a new technology award

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, 27 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The fundación global sin fines de lucre, el Instituto Future Investment Initiative (FII), announced today the launch of the ‘Premio Algoritmi’ with the support of the editorial research global Springer Nature. The annual prize for science and technology was created to celebrate research in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics that has the potential to produce real world solutions that address global challenges.

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Each year, the Algoritmi Award will focus on a different global challenge facing the global community in topics such as food and water security, medical attention, energy and climate change. Todos los requestors aptos serán invitados a una competition abierta, evaluada por un independiente panel de expertos globales.

The successful applicants will then receive funds to develop and scale their technology, while obtaining access to the platforms of the Instituto FII where they will be able to share their research with investors, academics and decision makers. Applications will open in January 2023 and the winners of the first prize will be announced in October 2023 in the 7th edition of the FII.

Además, the prize will be accompanied by an annual symposium in the meetings of the FII, in which a speaker will intervene in the field of robotics. The symposium will bring together delegates from academia, government and industry with a common interest, creating a path for discussions about robotics and driving even more innovation.

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Richard Attias, consejero delegado del Instituto FII, commented: “Our mission at the Instituto FII is to create an impact on humanity, with an focus on four main areas, including artificial intelligence and robotics. With the launch of the Algorithm Prize, we hope to encourage the most brilliant minds from around the world to share their creative ideas with investors and decision makers and transform them into real life solutions to solve some of the problems faced by people all over the world. mundo’.

The global recognition of the importance of AI and robotics to solve global problems is increasing every year, and the number of articles published in scientific journals has increased exponentially a year after year. As new technologies emerge, it is clear that there is a pressing need for research in robotics to focus on solutions in the real world to address the social, economic and environmental challenges we face today.

The development of the award program was carried out in collaboration with the Springer Nature global research editorial, who with its experience in scientific communication and research, will participate in the judging panel and the evaluation of entries for the inaugural award.

Steven Inchcoombe, director of publications, said: “The award programs provide important platforms to recognize researchers who are expanding evidence-based approaches to address global challenges. Nos complace apoyar este nuevo premio a través del cual FII arrojará luz sobre investigação influyentes que surgen en IA y robotica”.


The information sheet for the event can be found here.

About the Instituto FII

El Instituto Future Investment Initiative (FII) is a new fundación global sin fines de lucro con un brazo de inversión y una agenda: Impacto en la humanidad. Global, inclusive and committed to the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG), we foster great minds around the world and convert ideas into real world solutions in five critical areas: artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, education, medical attention y sustainability.

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