The internationalization of the University through technology brings together more than 400 experts from 42 countries at CEU UCH

From today to next Friday, October 28, CEU UCH hosts the fourth edition of the International Virtual Exchange Conference IVEC 2022. More than 400 attendees from 42 countries, especially from the United States, Spain, Mexico, Reino Unido, Alemania, Brazil and Canada, present in these three days more than 60 proposals for teaching innovation to apply the possibilities of technology to the internationalization of university training. Coinciding with this forum, the Conferencia de Rectores de Universidades Españolas (CRUE) has celebrated this morning at the CEU UCH the meeting of the subgroup of work “Internationalization at Home”, which has included two invited experts in Virtual Exchange as a university methodology.

The director of the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) of the Ministry of Universities, Alfonso Gentil; the executive secretary of the Grupo de Internacionalización y Cooperación de la CRUE, Carles Padilla; and the rector of the CEU UCH, Vicente Navarro de Luján, inaugurated this morning the sessions of the IVEC 2022.

Virtual Exchange, para formar universitarios

Through more than 65 presentations, 31 posters, 6 workshops and 6 special sessions, this forum will make it possible to share, on the part of students, professors and responsible academics, diverse experiences of success in the field of ‘virtual exchange’. This methodology for university training allows participation in teams integrated by students from different countries, connected online to resolve and reto, and caso o disejar un proyecto conjunto en torno a una materia o asignatura comun. La collaboración entre universitarios de distinta culturas, reunidos digitalmente en sesiones formatives simultanes, como los Collaborative International Learning (COIL), convertiren a estos formatos de intercambio virtual en experiencias de formación internacional, sin que sea necesario trasladarse a otro país.

Since 2019, the CEU UCH has celebrated more than 50 COILs, making it one of the pioneers of Spanish universities in the implantation of this format. Professors and students of this university, in which they form students from more than 90 different nationalities, present at the 4th IVEC 2022 some innovative formats that have been put into practice in the last courses. Junto a las ponencias y comunicaciones, hay varias sesiones especiales como los COILogues y las Cultural Challenges & Opportunities, en los que se tratan aspectos académicos desde multiples perspectivas geográficas, teniendo en cuenta la realidad y el contexto de cada continente.

In total, more than 470 participants from universities around the world attend IVEC 2022, of which more than 300 do it in person at the CEU UCH headquarters and the rest, digitally connected to the sessions. Among the assistants are professors, university managers and academic managers interested in promoting new multicultural training methods through technology, as well as students who share their experience of participation in this type of innovative and international training. Las comunicaciones admitted por el comité organizador serán publicadas en un número especial de la revista Journal of Virtual Exchange.

Formación más internacional, hybrida y sostenible

The inaugural conference of the 4th IVEC 2022 was held by Federico Juárez, senior innovation developer of the CEU UCH, regarding the importance of innovative methodologies for the future of education. Y el viernes clausurará las sesiones las sesiones las executiva de la Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), Darla K. Deardorff, que abordará las tendencias en la formación de competencias interculturales en la educación superior. As the principal technological partner, the president of LG, Jaime de Jaraíz, will intervene in the IVEC 2022, who will analyze the keys to the education of the future, more hybrid and sustainable. LG is the principal sponsor of the conference, together with other collaborators such as FIU COIL (Florida International University), the Global Business Center of the Foster School of Business of the University of Washington, Orange Thinking and eTwinz. Durante el congreso se presenta también el libro The Guide to COIL Virtual Exchange por tres de sus autores, Jon Rubin, Stephanie Doscher y Sarah Guth, recognized specialists in the field since more than fifteen years ago.

Reunión CRUE sobre internationalización

Prior to the inauguration of the IVEC 2022, the CRUE has celebrated also in the CEU UCH the meeting of its subgroup of work on “Internationalization in the House”, integrated by 42 Spanish universities. The session was presided over by Reyes Alejano, vice-rector of Internationalization and Global Compromise of the Universidad de Huelva (UH) and coordinator of the Grupo de Trabajo de Internacionalización de CRUE; Raúl Martín, vice-rector of Internationalization of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and president of the subgroup of “Internationalization in Casa”; Alfonso Díaz Segura, corporate director of Internationalization of the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU; y Chirag C. Sheth, vice rector de Internacionalización de la CEU UCH.

Sandra Julieth, from the Universidad Católica de Manizales, in Colombia, and Eva Haug, from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, have been invited to the meeting of the CRUE subgroup, who have shared with the representatives of the Spanish universities their experience in the environment of the Virtual Exchange.

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