The Junta approves the candidatures for the Agency for Spatial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence


The Council of Government has informed favorably of the suitability and fulfillment of the conditions of the candidatures presented by different councils of the Community to host the offices of the Spanish Space Agency and the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence.

As indicated in the report of the Consultative Commissions created for the determination of the seats of the future Spanish Space Agency and the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Agency, it will be positively assessed that the candidacy is accompanied by a report issued by the Council of Government of la Comunidad Autónoma correspondinge apoyando su idoneidad.

Además de declarar de especial interes para la Comunidad these candidacies, the Junta has also shown its economic and institutional commitment to facilitate the launch of these agencies in Castilla y León, if the Council of Ministers resolves in favor of these candidacies.

In this sense, in relación con la ubicación de las sedes, the Government of Spain will be able to take into consideration localities that have not been postulated.


The localities that have submitted their candidacy and requested the report of suitability to the Board to host the headquarters of the Spanish Spatial Agency in León, Palencia and Cebreros (Ávila).

The Junta de Castilla y León has been working for years to promote the technological, industrial, commercial and economic development of the Community, especially through the promotion of strategic sectors, such as the aerospace and aeronautical sector and the cybersecurity industry.

All this with the objective of facing the important challenges of social and economic transformation that have a place at the global level and achieving a differential positioning in technological niches, as well as generating high-quality jobs and attracting an industry with great technological specialization and growth potential .

As such, Castilla y León is the ideal autonomous community to host the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency because it has important actors in the aerospace and aeronáutic field, with entities that contribute value to the entire chain.

Entre ellas, destacan sus cuatro Public Universities and centers of research with technological specialization; centros de referencia national como el INTA o el INCIBE; scientific infrastructures and singular techniques such as the Centro de Láseres Pulsados ​​de Salamanca and the Centro de Supercomputación de León and technological centers with great industrial and aeronáutical specialization such as CIDAUT in Valladolid and CTME in Burgos, among others.

Also of relevance are the existing military installations in Castilla and León, as well as the fabric of companies of great prestige in the aeronautical and aerospace field present in the Community, with leading companies in their sector such as Aciturri, Capgeimini, Deimos, Geosat, Safran , Indra, Telefónica and GMV, among others.


Por su parte, las localities que han presentado su candidada y han requested el informe de idoneidad a la Junta para acoger la sede de la Agencia de Supervisión de la Inteligencia Artificial son Segovia y Salamanca.

In this sense, the Junta está impulsando una profunda transformación digital que afecta tanto a sus empresas como a la propia Administración regional y local.

Asi se han creado solid ecosistomes de base tecnologia que tienen como núcleo de su actividad importantes initiativas vinculadas al desarrollo de productos inteligentes.

Castilla y León has become a relevant center in the field of Artificial Intelligence, both nationally and internationally, hosting university research centers, technological centers and a thriving technological industry linked to this field.

The recently created network of technological centers Noddo stands out for bringing together more than 300 researchers specialized in Artificial Intelligence and applying it to a wide range of strategic sectors, both for this Community and for the whole country: Industry 4.0/5.0, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Ganadería de Precisión, Aeronáutica, Robótica, Ciudades Inteligentes, Ciberseguridad y Espacio de Datos, entre otros.

This network of centers coordinates hundreds of projects both national and international, with great presence in the regional industry, which has seen how AI has become a great asset and which allows it to lead projects in numerous strategic sectors.

In addition, the Community has four prestigious public universities that offer official degree and postgraduate degrees tied to the IA in the practical totality of the provinces.

Likewise, artificial intelligence is a fundamental part of many other University and Technological Institutes of the ecosystem that drive the attraction of this Agency to Castilla y León, such as the Neuroscience Institute of Castilla y León and the Cancer Research Center.

A ellos se unen grandes empresas como ENUSA, Eurodivisas, Cytognos, MSD Animal Health, Beonprice, Grupo Antolín, Aciturri Aeronáutica, Renault, Michelin, Nissan Motor Ibérica, Campofrío, Europac o CGK, con un modelo de negocio fuertemente de sus proyectos en el amíto de la IA.

A ello se une that the Community houses institutions like the INCIBE and the Supercomputing Center of Castilla y León, which will facilitate the impulse of joint projects and the development of policies linked to the development of a reliable artificial intelligence.

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