The Junta defines as a “valuable opportunity” the candidacy of Granada to host the Agency of Artificial Intelligence

The adviser of the University, Research and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has highlighted the role of the consolidated network of science and technology parks in Andalucía as a driver of the economic development of the community, through the strategic and innovation alliance that conforms to ellos la Administración, la empresa y la universidad. En su visita al Parque Tecnológico Ciencias de la Salud de Granada (PTS), ha pute este recinto como ejemplo de ello, al tiempo que ha resaltado su capacidad de tracción empresario, docente, asistencia e investigato, no solo en el campo de las sciences of life, but also in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence (IA), in a context in which the city aspires to host the headquarters of the Agency for Supervision of Artificial Intelligence.

Gómez Villamandos has declared that the parks are innovative ecosystems that concentrate high-value business initiatives that generate employment, dynamize priority sectors and improve the competitiveness of the production fabric. Therefore, he recalled that his department works on the elaboration of a model of governance for all the network of enclosures with which it is intended to “achieve a better management and coordination of the innovative activity that develops in these environments”. In my opinion, the PTS will be “a key piece in the configuration of this governance.”

Likewise, he has underlined the capacity to attract important business projects both from Granada and from its technological complex, assuring that since the last legislature they have been implanted there around a dozen biotechnological firms and from the TIC sector, an offer that complements the center de referencia en IA impulsado por la Universidad de Granada, Indra y Google.

Por otro lado, Gómez Villamandos has highlighted his commitment to the PTS and his future projection, while affirming that the Junta’s 2023 budgets include a specific allocation to continue guaranteeing financial viability. This new injection of oxygen will serve to cancel the amortization quotas corresponding to credits contracted by the fundación gestora del park con el Ministerio de Economía y Empresa.

Apoyo a la Agencia de Supervisión de la Inteligencia Artificial

Gómez Villamandos has assured that “the Autonomous Government supports firmly” the candidacy of Granada to accept the Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence, because it is an initiative that “contributes to reinforcing Andalucía as a European exponent in the field of AI and will allow to attract investments, dynamizar la economia y crear empleo”. “It will be a valuable opportunity for the community, because this disruptive technology will have a decisive impact on the digitalization of the region’s industry,” he added.

En ese contexto, ha recordedo que Granada se caracterização por su especialización científica y académica en esta área y por el empuje de su initiative empresarial. As explained, the UGR has consolidated as one of the main research centers in Informatics and IA in the international sphere and, in the business environment, as a result of the public-private collaboration, they have been boosted with the support of the Board dos proyectos relevantes: el Centro de Excelencia en IA y la Fundación AI Granada Research&Innovation.

En su visita al parque tecnológico, el consejero de Universidad took the opportunity to learn about the facilities of the biosanitary company Vircell, which recently expanded its headquarters to Neuron Biopharm. This biotechnológica is dedicated to the design, development, production and marketing of in vitro diagnostic products for the detection of infectious diseases in humans.

Gómez Villamandos has pointed out that “Vircell, together with other companies of great relevance and trajectory has been installed, plays an essential role in the consolidation of PTS as a reference for research in the health sector”. In this sense, he referred to the valuable role played by this company during the Covid-19 health crisis.

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