The latest developments in artificial intelligence and content creation

From small children, people are programmed to believe that intelligence is something that only human beings possess. Seres superiores que, a diferencia de las máquinas, pueden procesor grandes quantitas de información y tomar decisions complejas en quesión de segundos.

But this is changing rapidly. The latest advances in artificial intelligence are putting machines on par with humans in many tasks, including there creation of content.

Es cierto, todava no se puede decir que las machines havean super completo a los humanos en este campo. Pero lo cierto es que ya son capaces de generar textso e imágenes surprisingly realistas y cada día están mejorando.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most surprising advances in artificial intelligence for the creation of content, and we will also talk about, a young start-up española que está surfeando esta ola.

Resultados increíbles en la redacción de texto

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the creation of content is the text. Es el elemento base de todo tipo de contenido, desde un simple tweet hasta un libro completo. Y si hay algo en lo que las machines han mejorado considerablemente in los ultimos años es en la generation de texto realístico.

Consiste en entrenar a una máquina para que imite el estilo y el lenguaje utilizado por un autor humano determinado. And the result is surprising. In many occasions, it is impossible to distinguish if a text has been written by a human or by a machine.***

This technology is being used by large companies to generate automated content, such as news and product descriptions. Y también está siendo utilizado por start-ups como Dupla para ofrecer a sus clientes textos 100% originales y personalizados.

Artificial intelligence is advancing in the creation of images

Artificial intelligence is also making great strides in the creation of images. Se trata de una técnica llamada”rendering por inteligencia artificial”, que consiste en trainnar a una machine para que genere imágenes realísticas partir de una descripción textual.

The machine analyzes the text and, using what it has learned about the shape and color of the objects, generates an image that tries to reproduce what is described in the text. The result is surprising, sometimes even impossible to distinguish from a real photograph.

These techniques are starting to be used by artists and designers to create incredible images and I am sure that in the near future they will see many more surprising things.

Primeros pasos en la creation de videos

The next step in the creation of automated content is the creation of videos. And although society is still far from seeing machines capable of generating completely realistic videos, the advances in this field are incredible.

Por ejemplo, the Make a Video project, developed by Meta researchers (old Facebook), is capable of generating realistic videos from texts written by humans. El resultado son vídeos en los que se ven personajes animados hablando y gestualizando como si fueran humanos.

At the moment, the result is not 100% convincing, but it is certain that social networks will be full of videos generated by AI in the future., la empresa fundada por 3 jóvenes españoles que está surfeando la ola

Como se ha visto, los ultimos avances en intelligenia artificial están transformando radicalmente la forma en que se se crea contenido.

Dupla ofrece a sus clients servicios de redacción y diseño automatizados using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence. The objective is to simplify and automate the content creation process, so that anyone can create professional content without the obligation to hire human designers or editors.

Dupla has hundreds of clients and is immersed in a constant process of improvement and experimentation with the latest technologies in artificial intelligence.

***The text and images in this article are both generated by AI using


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