The new PAC includes mechanisms for those who cannot access the Internet in towns of Zamora

There new PAC advances through the approval by part of the pleno of the Congress of the Deputies of the management law project, whence some exchanges and changes have been included to ensure that the agricultural professionals who live in rural areas without the Internet data can be transmitted through other media.

A mayor of deputies voted in favor of establishing some exceptional mechanisms for those persons who credit who cannot access or dispose of electronic media to manage them aids of the CAP they can transmit this information to other media.

Without embargo, these cases will follow if they are exceptional, since the general norm stipulates that the owners of exploration and companies in the sector you must proportion the data by means of electronic media. The exception introduced applies equally to the Information System of Agricultural Explotations, Ganaderas and Agricultural Production (SIEX).

Congress has also approved that in three months as maximum the government intends to include a agricultural zoning for renewable energy implantation keeping in mind the “high agricultural sensitivity” of certain areas. According to the Ministry, the environmental zoning tool for renewable energies (wind and photovoltaic energy) shows the value of the environmental sensitivity index existing at each point of the map, and the environmental indicators associated with this point. These capas están disponibles para su visualización en la Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales (IDE) of the Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico. Thus, if it allows to identify “the areas of the national territory which present major environmental conditions for the installation of these projects”.

This zoning does not include small installations of self-consumption, infraestructuras aisladas of little power or those that are ubiquitous in cubiertas or tejados de buildings or urban areas. According to the Ministry this new recurso “must be understood as a flexible tool that requires continuous revision, so that the information used will be better”.

Those who ask for the CAP

There Agricultural Policy Común cuesta a cada ciudadano de la Unión Europea 31 cents a day.

This supposes that it is known as the PAC as the most important policy that the EU uses, and that it is now walking through a future each time more green and ecological. Specifically, the portion that will be employed in Spain will devote 42% to practices that improve the environment, the soils or the use of “inputs” in production. Among these practices that will develop sustainable agriculture, the great news is the eco-esquemas, an unknown term until now that will mark the future of the field and the ganadería de Zamoraand with which the professionals must familiarize themselves beforehand.

Aunque acogerse al eco-esquema es voluntario, quienes no lo hagan dejarán de percibir ese 25% de ayudas. However, if you go with these sustainable handling practices, their production will be reduced, they coincide with the main agricultural trade unions, because ecological exploration is translated into less production, which can be made up to 20% less than proven. Even so, a report developed by SEO/ BirdLife and EEB organizations ascertains that only 19% of eco-friendly entities are susceptible to meeting their environmental objectives, while 40% need to improve significantly to be effective and the remaining 41% are completely aligned with the Pact Green.

A Zamoran beekeeper. | E. Frail

Equipment for beekeeping

The beekeeping will count with 19 million euros years between 2023 and 2027, following the decree for the application of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) in this sector, approved by the Council of Ministers.

The decree incorporates 38 measures with the objective of improving the capacity of beekeepers, addressing health and climate change regulations, strengthening investigations and improving the quality of bee products and their marketing. This farming plan also contemplates the importance of incurring the damage that is caused by adverse climatic phenomena in the beekeeping sector, therefore, the legislation will allow the CAP to respond to the new environmental objectives and improve the production value, entre otras medidas, según un comunicado del Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación.

España is the first honey producer from the European Union (EU), with 36,494 beekeepers and 2.95 million honey bees, a sector that has effects of the sequence of this verandaor, that has decreased hasta to a 50% of the average in all the country, and that in Zamora has increased caídas of hasta el 75%, especially in the case of the beekeepers absent in the Sierra de La Culebra, whence the fires and the water stress have undermined the things of all the time. This loss of production has been linked to the fact that the presence of honey china on the community market is increasing, with prices around 1.42 euros per kilo that hieren more to the local beekeeping sector.


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