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This content was published on 27 October 2022 – 20:48


From San Francisco to Seattle, las tecnológicas estadonicos preoccupan al mercado con crecimientos por debajo de lo esperado y previsions poco enthusiasticas, señal de que los giantes de la tecnologia también sufren por la bilidad de la economia y la competencia de nuevos actors.

“This week will go down in the history of financial results as one of the worst for ‘Big Tech’, even as an inflection point”, descató el jueves el analyst Dan Ives, de Wedbush Securities.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, registered the lowest growth in its turnover in the third quarter since 2013, except during the pandemic.

Microsoft, impulsado por la informatica en la nube, publicó el martes buenos resultados trimestrales, pero lanzó una adencia sobre el crecimiento de su platforma Azure para este sector.

En tanto, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus) fue un “desastre”, según Ives. Their stocks fell by almost 25% this Thursday on the close of Wednesday, after which they published their quarterly results that were divided into half (4,400 million dollars, -52%) compared to the same quarter of 2021.

The immense despliegue de resources to construct a parallel universe – the “metaverse” – that is accessible via augmented and virtual reality, generates more and more skepticism among the firm’s observers, in moments en que la inflation y los incrementos de tasas de interés para contenerla, erosionan cada vez más los márgenes de las empresas.

“No hay ninguna información sobre el potencial en terms de ingresos que Meta podría obtener del metaverso. Nadie lo sabe”, highlights Debra Aho Williamson, analyst de Insider Intelligence.

“Google has more chances to rebound quickly, because its search engine has been a pillar of the internet for decades, both for consumers and for companies. Its economic model is not broken,” he adds.

Before the economic difficulties in the world, muchos annunciates cut back their marketing budgets and this affects companies that derive the bulk of their income from advertising on the internet.

Snapchat lo padece particularly: although the number of users increases, the application is considered an experimental communication channel.

Meta por su parte vendíó 17% ​​more espacios publicitarios in el tercer trimester, pero el average price fell 18% with respect to the same period last year.

“We knew that the advertising expenses in the world would be reduced. But the worst thing happened,” noted Tejas Dessai, analyst at Global X ETFs.

– “Competidor de temer” –

Silicon Valley also suffers from the effect of comparison with 2021, when the pandemic favored online businesses.

But one of the factors that hit the biggest platforms will not disappear easily: the ultra-popular TikTok is gaining ground every time.

In 2021, this entertainment app surpassed Google as the most popular website in the world, according to Cloudflare.

Google and Meta copied the TikTok format with “shorts” and “reels”, respectively, but now they are not able to convert their investments into benefits in this section.

“More than 140 million reels run on Facebook and Instagram every day, 50% more than six months,” said Facebook’s number one, Mark Zuckerberg. “Y creemos que ganamos parts de mercado en tiempo pasado (frente a aplicaciones) a competidores como TikTok”, he added.

“TikTok es un competitor de temer, pero en terminos de ingresos publicitarios, no hay comparación posible”, Debra Aho Williamson highlights. Los veteranos del sector están “aún ampledo adelante”.

In the field of electronic commerce, the American giant of online commerce Amazon registered a contraction of 9% of its net profits in the third quarter over the same period of the past year, as well as a turnover below what was expected by the market, according to sus resultados publicados el jueves que también shakedieron a la bolsa.

El mercado reactionó muy mal a estas cifras y en los intercambios electronicos fuera de hora la action de Amazon caía más de 19%.

On the other hand, Apple exceeded market expectations with 90,000 million dollars in revenue and 20,700 million net profits in the third quarter, but sales of the iPhone, its star product, disappointed.

In the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, the Californian group sold 42,600 million dollars of smartphones, below the 43,000 million expected by analysts.

Sus acciones cedían limentare en los intercambios electronicos fuera de hora en Wall Street, para colocarse en 143.60 dolares, cerca de su valor de cierre del día.

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