This legendary Apple computer has a millionaire price

Ahora puede poseer una piece clave de la historia de Applee incluso está firmada por el propio Steve Wozniaksiempre y cuando su billetera pueda manejar el precio.

The legendary computer Apple-1, assembled for the first time by Wozniak and Steve Jobs in the garage of the Jobs family, is now on sale. It is functional, fully equipped and in almost perfect conditions. ¿La trampa? It could reach a price of around $500,000 when the auction ends on June 12.

Apple-1 is the first computer created by Apple in 1976. Only 200 of them were made before the company moved to the Apple II, and of those 200, very few. This number is reduced even more when considering the fact that this computer Apple-1 in particular is in working conditions, has been professionally restored and bears the signature of the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Todo eso junto debiere sumar un precio abrumadoramente alto porque lo que vemos aquí es una verdadera joya y un pedazo de la historia de la computación.

The computer, currently in possession of The AAPL Collection, is waiting for its new owner in Dubai, but it can be shipped worldwide. This computer is known as the Apple-1 “Schlumberger 2” due to the fact that it was originally sold to an oil service company called Schlumberger Overseas in 1977. It comes from the second batch of Apple-1 computers and is probably one of the last ones that se ensamblaron en el garaje de la familia Jobs a fines de 1977 o principios de 1976.

El Apple-1 fue la primera personal computer con una placa base completamente ensamblada, y la placa base en este modelo está en muy buenas condicionas, sin apenas manchas. The auction machine has preserved most of its original components. El Apple-1 no vino con un estuche, y este tampoco. En cambio, la placa base verde se encuentra proudly en dispositivo sobre la losa de madera de madera de brasileño en la que se monta cada componento. It also features the Synertek 6502 white ceramic microprocessor, signed by Wozniak in 2021.

Apart from the computer itself, the auction includes all the goodies from the period that help it work. The lucky buyer will also receive a Sanyo monitor, a Panasonic cassette recorder, an Apple-1 cassette replica and a Cherry keyboard. In addition to these devices, the winner of the auction will also receive a photocopy of the Apple-1 operator’s manual together with a pair of period magazines with articles written by Steve Jobs.

The “Schlumberger 2” Apple-1 Computer: Signed by Woz!

El hecho de que el monitor y el teclado sean todas additiones externas no es en absoluto impactante. La primera computadora Apple-1 se vendíó sin carcasa, teclado o monitor. I didn’t even have a food source. Originally it had a price of $ 666.66, and only 175 units were sold. With the introduction of the Apple II, the price of the first device fell to only $475.

As of now, the price is $100,000, with around 70 offers made. Sin embargo, como señala The AAPL Collection, dispositivos similares se han vendido por much more than that recently. The average price, based on six sales that took place between May 2019 and May 2022, is a whopping $527,715. A similar model was sold in November 2021 for $500,000. Considering that this Apple-1 computer is completely operational (as shown in the video above) and in excellent conditions, the price could still be raised from the actual offer.

If you want to read a little more about the Apple-1 and see some images of high resolution from the computer, be sure to consult the listing directly on eBay.

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