Transporte y Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación firman prestamos por US$ 800 million con el Banco Mundial

Yesterday afternoon, after announcing the agreement with the Paris Club, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, signed together with his peers from Transport, Alexis Guerrera, and from Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, loans with Banco Mundial for 800 million dollars. The funds that will facilitate the international organism were committed to projects of US$600 million for Transport and the remaining US$200 million for the portfolio of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The loans form part of the permanent program of the Banco Mundial with the country that maintains active projects of more than 9,000 million dollars. This year, the organism has a record financing of projects with Argentina of more than USD 2,000 million and it is estimated that in December there will be an approval of more than US$ 200 million. It is worth highlighting that the projects are pluriannual and the disbursements are being given with the progress in the execution of the works.

Al respecto el Vicepresidente del organismo, Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, highlighted the level of execution and speed of the same that tien los proyectos de Argentina en relación al resto de los países de la region. In the words of the Colombian economist “the level of execution is double that of the rest of the countries”.

In relation to the project signed with Transporte, the financing covers the Modernization of the Passenger Railway Transport of the Belgrano South line, with a total value of 675 million dollars, with a financing of 600 million on the part of the Banco Internacional de Reconstrucción y Fomento (BIRF) and 75 million that will be resources from the French Development Agency (AFD).

The project will finance the electrification of the line, the renovation of roads, the improvement of stations and their surroundings, the construction of low-level passages and pedestrian bridges.

Tras la firma el ministero de Transporte expresó: “With this firm we are going to put in motion a historical renovation that will improve railway transport in its entirety.” Estamos hablando de una línea ferroviaria que vincula a las y los vecinos de localities muy pobladas y que fue muy postergada. Por ejemplo, es la única que al llegar a la Ciudad de Buenos Aires no tiene connexion con el subte o con otras líneas ferroviarias y ya estamos a un 35% de avance en la obra para revertir eso”.

On the side of Science, Technology and Innovation, the “Innovation Program for Intelligent Growth” was signed. The agreement will have a total investment of 280 million dollars. US$200 million will be granted by the Banco Mundial and the remaining US$80 million by the National Treasury.

The plan focuses on the actions of science, technology and innovation in the whole country to be developed in the next six years with the focus placed on the creation of productive companies, support for entrepreneurs and access to private capital. The project seeks to strengthen the national innovation system and promote the growth of the private sector towards a more productive frontier, with public-private partnerships and financing for development and adoption of technology for SMEs.

Reunión de la comitiva del Banco Mundial con De Pedro por obras en el Norte Grande

Yesterday morning, the delegation of the Banco Mundial with its vice president at the head, were received by the Minister of the Interior Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro to advance a loan of more than forty billion dollars for works in the provinces of norte del país

The project forms part of the Federal Development Plan that the minister is advancing with infrastructure projects to develop in the next fifteen years. Estas reuniones habien tenido una previa en septiembre pasado cuando los gobernadores y el ministro visitaron las oficinas del organismo en Estados Unidos.

Concretely, we are working on a loan to achieve the financing of a plan of 1580 structural works for the North Grande, valued at 40 billion dollars to be executed in the next 15 years. Según indican desde el ministerio se prevén obras de infrastructure importantes, no solo “asfalto y rutas”.

From the reunion, Gabriel Katopodis was also part of the Minister of Public Works; en representation de los gobernadores del norte, el gobernador de la provincia de Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, quien asistió en representation de los gobernadores del Norte Grande; Cecilia Nahón, executive director of Argentina and Southern Cone before Banco Mundial; el secretario de Provincias, Bruno Ruggeri; y el director national de Financiamiento con Organismos Internacionales de Crédito, Sebastián Rosales.

For part of the Banco Mundial, as well as the aforementioned Jaramillo, the director for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, Jordán Schwartz; el gerente de Operations, Paul Procee; Ana María Avilés, leader of the Program for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions; y la oficial senior de Operaciones Emmy Yokoyama.

The committee of the Banco Mundial with Carlos Felipe Jaramillo at the head, concluded its visit to Argentina this Friday with the signing of agreements and the meeting with the Minister. During his 6-day stay in the country, he also visited the provinces of Chaco and Salta, where he met with governors Jorge Capitanich and Gustavo Saenz, respectively. Con ambos hubo reuniones de trabajo y luego recorridas por las obras realidades en la zona anteriore.

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