Un programa inclusivo formará a 25 personas en inteligenia artificial

Replicando el modelo del éxito de la Microsoft by Simplon AI School launch in 2018 in France, la AI School F5 ha abierto sus puertas en Madrid. With the objective of formar gratuitement a personas en situación de vulnerabilidad para que se conviertan en desarrolladores en inteligenia artificial. El programa, inclusivo y de alta calidad, tiene una duración de months ago.

This formative project is conformed by Microsoft and JP Morganempresas referentes a nivel mundial que comparten su compromiso con una economía y un mercado laboral inclusivos, y por las escuelas digitales inclusivas y solidarias Simplon.co y Factoría F5.

Juntos han puesto en marcha en Madrid la primera formación inclusiva y solidaria en inteligenia artificial, que ofererá nuevas opportunidades laborales en el sector tecnológico y aportará a las empresas del sector una necessaria diversity de nuevos profiles digitales formados en las compencias más punteras.

In fact, 25 persons they will follow a free, intensive and inclusive training imparted by Factoría F5 in the central offices of Microsoft Ibérica and the spaces of Talent Garden in Madrid. The itineraria includes technical and practical training and is directed mainly to young people without employment, women in precarious situations, refugees, long-term unemployed, as well as people who need reorientation and training to be able to reintegrate into the labor market.

Tal y como aseguró e President of Microsoft Spain, Alberto Granados, “Microsoft maintains a firm commitment to encourage training in digital skills, accompanying people in vulnerable situations and aiming to access the numerous job opportunities that represent the information technology sector in Spain. This project is an excellent example of collaboration between companies and social entities with the objective of reducing the digital talent gap”.

Por su parte, Ana Marshall, Directora de Recursos Humanos de JP Morgan en EMEA, destacó que “la transformación digital ha traído consigo muchos desafícios y oportunidades, especially in the labor market, with trabajos, como los relacionados con la Inteligencia Artificial y la ciencia de datos, que no existían hace unos años. But many people, particularly those who are in a more vulnerable situation, do not have the capabilities, resources or support needed to access the jobs of the future.”

In addition, Marshall recalled that “we have seen the potential of this program in France and Belgium and we are delighted to support Factoría 5 in its implementation now in Spain to continue contributing to the development of a more inclusive economy”.

Para Frédéric Bardeau, presidente de Simplon“the opening of the AI ​​School F5 in Madrid is a new stage in the development of a free, intensive and inclusive training offer in Spain from the hand of our partner entity, Factoría F5”.

And finally, Guillaume Thureau, presidente de Factoría F5he added that the project “permits to demonstrate that technologies as advanced as artificial intelligence are not reserved for an elite, but rather they constitute an opportunity for social labor insertion and inclusion for all and sundry”.

Competencias tecnologicas más demandadas

The training of the AI ​​School F5 in artificial intelligence development is designed especially to allow the acquisition of the skills most sought after by technological companies. This is achieved through an active pedagogy, 100% practical, developed by Simplon and which Factoría F5 implements in all its formations in Spain.

La AI School F5 se enmarca en la initiative por el Talento Digital Inclusivoboosted by Fundación Tomillo and Factoría F5, which promotes the consolidation of a network of private and public professionals of the first level that affirms Madrid as one of the main technological hubs in Europe.

The demand for professionals specialized in Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow in the next few years. By 2025, 61% of workers should have knowledge of these technologies, according to a Microsoft study. Un 36% of the managers consulted believe that people with knowledge in Artificial Intelligence can opt for higher salaries and easily access better jobs. In addition, 49% of professionals consider that a greater knowledge of AI technologies will allow them to obtain more relevant jobs.


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