Zorin OS 16.2 improves compatibility with Microsoft

Zorin OS 16.2 It has been published recently to continue improving the latest major version of this well-known Ubuntu derivative, which for more than one is the best gateway to Linux.

Para empezar, los responsables de la distribución han destacado que ahora es Easy to install Windows applications en Zorin OS. To take advantage of this, you only need to open the main menu, navigate to the “System Tools” section and open “Windows Support Applications” to activate it with a click.

Another aspect related to the installation of applications is that the data base is used for it The detection of Windows installer files has been expanded to suggest better alternatives. For example, if you run the Epic Games Store and GOG Galaxy client installers, the system will suggest the installation of Heroic Games Launcher, which has been able to support both digital video game platforms for a long time. .

Zorin 16.2 ha renovado la colección de fontes typográficas para que estas se ajusten mejor a las empleadas por Windows y Microsoft Office. It is important to keep in mind that the well-known fonts of the Redmond giant employ a private license that prohibits redistribution, so Linux systems cannot be pre-installed.

Las fontes typográficas presentes por defecto en muchas distribuciones pueden romper los documentos, así que en Zorin han “introducido”. alternatives compatible with open source metrics for some of the most popular sources”, which are the following and should look relatively similar to those used by Microsoft to show the documents in the correct format (or at least without destroying them):

  • Carlito es una alternative a Calibri, desde hace mucho tiempo la fuente typográfica default de Microsoft Office.
  • Caladea se encarga de substitute a Cambria.
  • Gelasio es una alternative to Georgia.
  • Selawik pretends to make the absence of Segoe UI se note lo menos posible.
  • Comic Relief is an alternative to Comic Sans (¿de veras que hoy en día sigue habiendo gente que redacta con esa cosa?

The replacement of Microsoft fonts by others that do not assume a large impact on the visualization of documents is not something new on the part of Zorin, as previously Arimo, Tinos and Cousine were introduced as alternatives to Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New respectively.

Zorin 16.2

LibreOffice 7.4 es la suite ofimática default de Zorin OS 16.2, con todas sus novedades. Summarizing much, because at the moment we dedicate a fairly complete entry, the support for the WebP format, the improvements in the compatibility with the Microsoft Office formats, various performance improvements and the copy and paste dialogue are outstanding. Calc (calculation sheets), además de haberse hecho that the dialog box for numbers of new colors is asynchronous.

Mediante Zorin Connectla application para Android, es posible ver ahora el portable battery status. Other features added after sending the mobile clipboard with a touch from the home screen of the mobile application, an option to show notifications on the computer only when the phone screen is off, the addition of loop controls y reproducción aleatoria en el control de multimedia, el permitir configurar la action para los clic del botón secundario del ratón en la entrada remote y una screen de “Acerca de”.

The Education edition of the distribution has included GDevelop, which has been described by Zorin’s managers as “a game development software without code and with all the functions that reduce the barrier to learning programming, while providing students with lienzo infinito para expresar su creativati”.

The animation engine for the oscillating windows has been refactored and now uses physical variables updated by default to offer more animated interactions. The maximization of a window also activates the effect from this launch, so that the feeling and the behavior of the gelatin are replicated in the best way.

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Zorin 16.2 viene con el soporte de hardware de Ubuntu 22.04 aderezado con algunas mejoras that allow us to use a GeForce RTX 4090 through the latest or one of the latest drivers from NVIDIA, un soporte para las graphics Radeon e Intel mejorado, un marco de portables para twelfth generation de procesadores Intel Core, además soporte para el controller de Xbox One, el Magic Mouse de Apple, USB 4 y más dispositivos Wi-Fi, Bluetooth y de audio. All this has come accompanied by the latest patches at the level of security and with a support at the level of software that will be maintained until the year 2025.

All details about the release of Zorin 16.2 are published in the official announcement, while the system can be obtained from the corresponding download section in the project’s official website.

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